Friday, January 4, 2013

Grateful Friday

Today I give thanks for...

The fact that I'm finally back.  This is the very best I've felt physically in at least 10 days.  Emotionally, I'm also on the upswing.  Having the flu, led to lots of quality family time and while I yearned to feel better, I was not eager for our quiet break to come to an end.

Despite the germs, we had a really great Christmas.  Funny how I resisted change and then ended up ever thankful for it.  We had our big (yet shrinking) family celebration on Christmas Eve.  Christmas Day we had no plans.  That was a good thing because I would have had to cancel.  Sometimes the world works in mysterious, yet meaningful ways.

One thing that didn't change was our attendance at Christmas Eve mass.  I cried all the way to church.  Bittersweet tears because of the beauty of Christmas and also the sadness.  I left after two hours tasting more honey than vinegar.  We were early, but later than usual for this ever popular mass so we had to stand for the duration.  When I suggested we might leave right after Communion, T. Bone requested we stay to sing Hark The Herald Angels Sing in recession.  It was beautiful: the suggestion and the song made my heart sing. 

My brother and SIL hosted the evening.  Everything was considered and Christmased: beautiful and fabulous.
My two were mostly patient, yet didn't stray far from the growing mountain of gifts gathering under and and
 around the tree.  I have to remind myself that they are the only kids in the family and they are almost 12 and just 8.

We opened gifts late into the evening - after a delicious dinner, a few toasts and lotsa crackers hence the crowns.

Let the photographic evidence below serve as proof that these were the kind of gifts that were well worth waiting for.  There were fainting spells, squeals, smiles and hugs.  Miss Bit also questioned loudly for a moment whether or not she was dreaming.  She then decided, "This is my wildest dream come true!"  Uncle B. Bone and Aunt A. Bone get the award for greatest gift ever, but T. Bone and Miss Bit were blessed to receive so many great gifts and they truly appreciated them all.

I felt like Cinderella.  All the sudden it was after midnight, but it seemed like the ball had just begun.  And then Christmas morning came way too soon.  When Miss Bit crawled in between us at 7:30, I was so thankful she fell back to sleep.  The cats finally woke us at 10:00, and then we had to rouse a still sleeping T. Bone.  We took our time opening gifts from Santa and one another.  I love how much my kids love to give the gifts they have picked out.  It makes me proud that for them it is not only about receiving.

Usually we host a brunch and then have a long day of festivities, but this year it was just the four (or six) of us all day.  We started some new traditions...our own traditions for the holiday.  Chef Coach and his sous chef, Miss Bit made cinnamon buns while I was at work on Christmas Eve.  We put them in the oven, browned our Polish kielbasa, made hot cocoa and sat down for a very relaxed and tasty family breakfast at lunch time.  We spent the day hanging out at home in our pajamas: playing with our new things, resting, relaxing.  Then mid-day we cuddled up in the family room for a Harry Potter movieathon.  Coach made us homemade pizza for dinner.  It was perfect in every way and just what we all needed.

I spent the next couple days mostly in bed.  I did emerge heavily medicated for a game of Scrabble here or a game of Monopoly there.  My family, epecially Coach, took very good care of me.  He kept my fluids stocked, my meds on time and my ice pack chilled for my aching head.

The kids played with friends and didn't seem to mind staying mostly close to home.
Luckily, there was some snow for winter fun.

T. Bone turned 12 on the 27th.  He had a great day snowboarding with friends.  We finally sang Happy Birthday to him on the 28th.  He thought long and hard about his wish.  I sure hope it comes true!

In honor of his day of birth, he received tickets to a Badger basketball game.  He invited a friend and his Grandpa to join he and his Dad.  They had a great road trip: hot wings and sports.

Miss Bit and I had another great snuggle day at home before venturing out for dinner at my Aunt and Uncle's where we too enjoyed great food (homemade lasagna), company and entertainment.

It's a new year.  I'm still processing the end of 2012, but as always come January, I am thankful for a fresh start.  We enjoyed a quiet NYE with Aunt Jess and a yummy dinner.  I was fighting to keep my eyes open as we rung in 2013 so we carried on our celebration New Year's Day.  We made a nice breakfast, and stayed in our jammies all day playing games and drinking the champagne we didn't even open the night before.

Now it's Friday...the weekend again after a short week that felt rather long.  I'm grateful for a few more days mostly free and clear.

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Lady Cordelia said...

Wow! What a jam-packed bunch of fun you've had!
Here's to a wonderful new year full of good!