Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Today I woke up a little early and quite shaken after a very bad dream.  It was the kind of nightmare that makes you grateful it was only just in your head, and then you wonder what's wrong with your head.

Miss Bit's light was on, but she was sound asleep.  Apparently, I wasn't the only one plagued by bad dreams.  I turned out the light and tucked her back in for another hour.

She was dragging when I finally went to wake her so I made her scrambled eggs and gave her leftover garlic bread instead of toast.  I figured garlic would get her blood flowing.  I figured right.

We raced out the door so fast that we forgot her ice skates, but then realized it's still too cold for gym class to be held on the rink. 

It's National Pie Day.  I made a pie.  Chocolate cream.

I also made chicken enchilada soup and taco bake for dinner tonight.  I watched the Food Network while I chopped and mixed while fantasizing about having my own cooking show.

I finally worked out on our new elliptical.  It was a great workout and quiet enough that I could hear Parenthood perfectly.  I hit my mile mark just as the season finale was wrapping up and I was reduced to tears.  Sobs.  Happy sobs.  I love this show, and I love that there really were no tragedies or cliff hangers...just a big, happy, dysfunctional family living life.

I took a long, hot shower.

I stopped at the library to pick up some things and I came upon Alfred Hitchcock's Birds.  I checked it out for Miss Bit who has been very intrigued by it.  I think it should be OK for her to see, but we'll wait for the weekend when bedtime is so much easier.

After school the kids, including one of T. Bone's friends, ate almost the whole pie.  There are just 2 pieces left.  One for Coach and one for Aunt Jess who just called to say she was free for dinner.

Miss Bit is at tennis and the boys are playing nerf something or another in the basement.

Peanut is cuddled beside me and we are watching The Brady Bunch.

It's snowing outside.  Pretty flurries.

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