Friday, June 29, 2012

Grateful Friday

Today I give thanks for...

Last night Coach and I collapsed on adjacent couches after our final baseball game this week. We watched Water for Elephants. I thought the Hollywood version did the book justice. I agreed with the casting (especially Pattinson) and thought that they were able to portray the difficulty of life during the Depression and in the circus. I was also thankful that they lightened up some of the themes as it had been a long day.

Finally happening upon a new name for hubby, which always just seemed so ordinary.  He will from here on out be referred to as Coach on this here my blog.

The boys (all 36 of them) appeared to have much fun in last night's All Star game.  They were joking and tricking and more intent on enjoying the game than winning it.

Saying Yes.  When I went to pick T. Bone up from a post championship game gathering of guys, I said yes to joining the hosts on the patio for a glass of wine.  I was tired, it was 10:00, it was a school work night, but it was also a beautiful night.  It's been a challenge for me lately to say yes, instead of no time.

I finished Blood, Bones & Butter.  I would recommend it to anyone who likes a good memoir, but I have to confess that it started stronger than it finished.  I wanted more.  More background, more information, more insight, vulnerability and candor.  She only touched the surface of her eccentic upbringing, her vagabond travels and her lonely marriage.  I was left slightly suspicious of her honesty, and I felt a little put off by the lack of responsibility for her role in her nonexistent interpersonal relationships.  At times I questioned her likability as narrator, yet I always was impressed with her as chef. 

I started The Underside of Joy yesterday.  I got right into it, and that's a good thing because I have to return it to the library in 7 days.

T. Bone called home just before midnight from a sleepover last night.  Coach was a little annoyed, but he went to get him nonetheless.  When my boy got home, he crawled into bed with me, flashed his baby blues and said, "I love you Mommy."  Yes...mommy!  Sometimes you just need your mom, want to be in your own home and sleeping in your own bed no matter how old you are.

The way Miss Bit and her neighbor friend A. have rekindled their friendship after a busy school year.  The girls go to different schools and are not in the same grade, but those are moot points these days.  The other day I overheard Miss Bit ask A. if she was on her cell phone speed dial.  A said, "You're #1."  You should have seen the smile on my girl's face.  We all just want to be someone's #1.

This girl ate her first ever sub this week...a meatball.  She liked it so much that she finished it before T. Bone polished his favorite (turkey, bacon and white cheese melted on Italian bread) off.  Then she declared that she couldn't wait to get another sub next time to which T. Bone pointed out, "Well, you've missed plenty of opportunities."

Miss Bit and I read beneath the trees on the trampoline the other afternoon. We took our books, pillows and popsicles and chilled out during the heat of the day. She requested we do just this every day.
Shade.  It's been so balmy even the squirrels are taking siestas in it.

Chlorine and goggles.  You should see some of the characters at the pool hence the need for chemicals and then protection.
Fun in the sun.  The kids are going to the pool again today. Rumor has it that there will be plenty of friends there too.

Firefighters.  Although my cousin who lives in Boulder, Colorado had to evacuate her house this week, her home was spared.

Vintage bobby pins.

A long weekend.  I'm footloose and fancy free until after the holiday.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Mets Story

In pictures...

The team won #1!!!!!

Good Morning

I gave the kids the choice to stay home from camp today before bed last night. T. bone was audibly and visibly worried about having to wrestle and pitch on the same day.  Now if the Mets lose tonight, it won't be my fault.  Miss Bit was quick to opt out as well, and that was just what I expected.  I was thankful upon waking this morning that I didn't have to rise right away to action.  I was able to linger in bed listening to the morning breeze ringing through my chimes, stretch my body slowly, and deliberately and piece together last night's dreams. Once parceled together the random fragments are Daliesque.

Today the hot and humid air creeps in so I'm happy to get a walk in before every breath I take feels like slow suffocation.  Then we'll head to the pool for a few hours mid-day to keep cool and entertained.  The kids by water slides and friends, and myself by the end of Blood, Bones & Butter.

There should be a picture for this post.  Last night Coach came in one door muttering something about Peanut and a chippie and I went out another uttering blood curdling screams.  Peanut looked confused as he pranced around dangling a chipmunk between his teeth by its tail.  I think the noises I was making scared the little rodent more than the feline grip.  I grabbed Peanut and he let go off the chippie who shot like a bat out of you know where into the brush.  Coach wasn't happy with me.  I had to apologize because it would have been a good shot.  Peanut tried to recreate it the rest of the night.

The only other item on today's itinerary is the Mets' championship game tonight.  It should be a good one.  The game.  The day.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Still Sunny

Since I posted this morning the tides have turned around here.

T. Bone winced his way into the van after camp.  He confided that wrestling is just too painful.  He told me he needed another dose of pain relief STAT and a different session by tomorrow.  I knew he meant business when he confessed he'd take a new session even if it meant origami.  Apparently, they got right into matches today.  When asked if he won any he scoffed, "Yeah, I won them all.  I beat everyone in the class."  I wanted to suggest that may be if he just took it a little less seriously, he wouldn't feel as though he's being drawn and quartered.

Miss Bit finally found us and climbed in.  She clutched her tote out of which Kit's feet were sticking straight up. So much for doing her hair all nice this morning.  With little prodding, she shared that her friend  G. was giving her "G." looks because she brought her doll today.  G. doesn't even own an AG doll and from what I gather she pretty much thinks that playing with dolls is weird and dumb.  I questioned why in the world G. signed up for this particular session if it's so silly and trite.  I refrained from suggesting that maybe she did so just to make her "friends" feel uncool and self-conscious.  I'm pretty much sure that I can kiss that road trip to the AG store good bye.  Thanks G.

I'm going to have to suck it up real hard to cheer for G. tonight.  She's on team Lightning.  I'm free to go to the game now.  Turns out Aunt Jess doesn't really feel like celebrating her birthday after all.  I get it.  I do.

At least the sun is still shining.

Happy Days

Summer camp is in full swing, and despite the fact that T. Bone and Miss Bit have quickly grown accustomed to staying up later and sleeping in, I think they are both enjoying their morning activities.  Today I had to serve T. Bone his breakfast bagel with a side of pain reliever.  Wrestling took it's toll on him yesterday.  He was least excited about this class, but after one session it's his favorite.  Of course, any one of his other sections could have contributed to his aches and pains as they all involve athletics. He did mention that he broke some Academy record during basketball yesterday.   I had a chuckle this morning when I realized he's now added two brand new sports to his line-up: wrestling and volleyball.  There simply aren't enough seasons for all the sports he wants to play.

Miss Bit only got one of her first choice selections, but she's enjoying camp as well.  She surprised the both of us by declaring her American Girl Doll section her best.  I was only mildly irritated that she was running around when we were supposed to be leaving changing Kit's outfit and doing her hair.  She hasn't touched her doll stuff in too long to remember so I was more happy than annoyed that she was into it.  Kit accompanied Miss Bit to class today.  If we weren't running so late, I'd have taken a picture.  At almost 8, I know I was still playing with dolls.  I've a glimmer of hope that Miss Bit will want to visit The American Girl Doll store with me this summer.  I'm just not entirely ready to put that stage behind us.

The Mets won last night by a lot.  Now they have the championship Wednesday night.  When I hung T.  Bone's team plaque on the wall behind his door the other day, I realized that he's been playing Little League for 7 years.  He was just a little shaver the first year he was a Yankee. That was the last time he was on a Championship winning team although he has come close numerous other times.  His debut rookie year was also the only time he wasn't an All Star.  That game is Thursday.  We're having dinner at the concession stand this week: popcorn, freezies, sunflower seeds and Skittles.

Well, except for me because I'm lucky enough to have dinner plans tonight with Aunt Jess.  We're headed out to celebrate her birthday.  Happy Birthday to one of my favorite friends...the best kind of friend!  I'm really looking forward to toasting her on a patio on this glorious, sunny day.

Monday, June 25, 2012

On My Mind Monday

These passages from Blood, Bones & Butter by chef Gabrielle Hamilton...

I quietly thrilled to be packed into my sleeping bag right up next to them.  I felt cocooned by the thick crescendoing song of the crickets, that voluptuous blanket of summer night humidity, the smell of wood smoke, the heavy dew of the tall grass around us, the necessary and anchoring voices, giggles, farts and squeals of disgust of my older siblings.  This whole perfect night when everyone is still, pretty much, intact and wholesome, is where I sometimes want the party to stop.

When I first finished this description of the night before the BIG party, the calm before the storm, I was reminded of all the excitement of Christmas Eve.  The contentment and anticipation are palpable.  Then I laughed because I'm also reminded of advice my Mom imparted to me over the years.  She used to say, You have to know when to leave.  To her leaving when the party was in full swing, was more important than being fashionably late.  I'm still trying to heed that advise.

Slowly the meadow filled with people and fireflies and laughter - just as my father had imagined - and the lambs on their spits were hoisted off the pit and onto the shoulders of men, like a funeral procession, and set down on the makeshift plywood-on-sawhorse tables to be carved.  Then the sun started to set and we lit the paper bag luminaria, which burned soft glowing amber, punctuating the meadow and the night, and the lamb was crisp-skinned and sticky from slow roasting, and the root beer was frigid and it caught, like an emotion in the back of my throat.

I want to be invited to this party and I don't even like lamb.  The imagery of the emotion caught in her throat is powerful.  How often to our senses transport us back in time to places, but also feelings?

from him we learned how to create beauty where none existed, how to be generous beyond our own means, how to change a small corner of the world just by making dinner for a few friends.  From him we learned how to make and give luminous parties.

We learn something from everyone who touches us in life.  There are nuggets, bestowed on us like treasures and also sometimes lessons we would rather remain oblivious to.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

2 day pass

it's already sunday night?
what?  how?
i want to know why the weekends always just fly by.
we kicked off the 2 day pass with a fish fry at the pavilion only the kids didn't have any fish.
that was no surprise once they saw there were other options on the menu.
the fish was decent and perfectly square causing us to conclude that most anything tastes good when dunked in a vat of fat.
t. bone lamented the fact that he didn't bring his putter, but he managed to get in a round with uncle b. bone this afternoon.
he shot a nice round.
must've been his snazzy new golf shirt.
saturday he played a nice game.
the mets were victorious and headed for the semis tomorrow.
miss bit came home tuckered out after a whirlwind 28 hours with grandma and grandpa.
their time together didn't involve much sleep but rather swimming, hiking and the movie brave.
the coach and i took a long walk both days and then fired up the bbq both nights.
saturday we charred up some ribs with a side of sweet corn so good we cooked more ears sunday to serve with perfectly grilled burgers and chicken.
i do believe that the chocolate bread pudding topped with vanilla ice cream and almond whipped cream was the perfect end to the weekend.
everyone cleaned their bowls including my t. bone who usually is not much of a chocolate lover and my brother too who usually eats dessert for breakfast.
and it just so happened that it was a chilly night thus perfect for a warm, comforting dessert.
it's also perfect sleeping weather.
good night.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Summer Reading List

In no particular order and more than likely a little ambitious I present my summer reading list:

Blood, Bones & Butter by Gabrielle Hamilton.  I just started this chef's memoir the other day.  Not only can she cook, she can also write.  I think this will be a quick and yummy read.

Wild by Cheryl Strayed.  I love a good memoir and have been on a serious kick for the past year.  This one has recieved rave reviews from readers I trust.  I cannot fathom taking an 1100 mile solo sojourn, but something tells me it's life changing.  The right book can be too.

Cherry by Mary Karr.  Another memoir and another Karr work.  I read and very much enjoyed Liar's Club earlier this year.  I read it with mouth agape much of the time.  I'm hoping that this story is as much of a page turner delivering raw grit and humble heart in ample measure.

The Underside of Joy by Sere' Prince Halverson.  I'm looking forward to her heartfelt debut novel.  It's waiting at the library for me right now.

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald.  I read this Jazz Age classic in college, but I want to visit it again before the movie comes out this summer.  I think Leo and Tobey are perfectly cast as Jay Gatsby and Nick Carraway.  I may try and get this on MP3.

I will finally finish Cutting For Stone by Abraham Verghese.  I keep getting pulled away from this book despite the fact that I have found the story most compelling and well written.

I also pledge to make my way through The Red Tent by Anita Diamant.  It's another good read that I've been unable to finish despite the fact that I love that it is centered around ancient womanhood: mothers, daughters, sisters, wives.

Last summer I really enjoyed Stegner's Crossing to Safety so this year I will read Angle of Repose.

Disobedience by Jane Hamilton.  I was a big fan of Book of Ruth and A Map of the World so I have high expectations for this novel.  I love the gifted way Hamilton makes her characters come alive on the page.

The Writing Life by Ellen Gilchrist...a collection of vignettes on literature.

Virgin Time by Patricia Hampl.  This memoir/travelog grapples with what exactly it means to seek.  So do I.

Too Much Happiness by Alice Munro.  Sometimes short stories just fit my mood.  I'd actually like to listen to this one while I walk.

Home by Toni Morrison, which I suspect will be no light read.

Nightwoods by Charles Frazier.  Cold Mountain resonated with me so I'm hoping this novel will too.  I love a good folktale...this has been described as a modern day Hansel and Gretel.  That was always my favorite story as a kid.  What can I say I have a dark side.

A Moveable Feast by Hemmingway preferably on MP3.  If only Hem were alive to read it.  I read this eons ago.  Then I read The Paris Wife in the past year.  I want to reread this through the lens of McCain's perspective.

Pat Conroy's South of Broad.  Yes, I will finally pluck this off my bookshelf, dust it off and enjoy.  I heart Conroy as well as a sordid salvation story.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Grateful Friday

Today I give thanks for...

Grateful children.  T. Bone and Miss Bit appreciate things both big and small and they say thank you often and unprompted.

Calling my cousin today only to find out that she was on her way out the door for surgery.  It felt like kismet being able to tell her that I'm going to be saying extra prayers for her this week of recovery and waiting.

Our summer nanny who is a great young lady.  Despite the fact that she had a sport's injury last week and now needs knee surgery, she's been showing up when she's supposed to and showing the kids a good time.  The kids have been loving the loosey goosey schedule, and I have been liking the quiet mornings as well.

Staying out until the sunset on summer solstice.

Not 1, but 2 spotted, fuzzy fawns with the mama doe this week.
This is Peanut on deer's a post he takes very seriously.

Ceasar salad with grilled chicken for dinner on a hot night.  This dressing makes it.  It's a slight variation of Alton Brown's.  He uses tofu, but I'd rather eat raw eggs than coagulated bean curd.  Mix in blender 2 oz. good shredded Parmesan, 2 cloves minced garlic, 2 T. Dijon mustard, 1/2 T. white wine vinegar, 1/2 T. Worcestershire, salt and pepper, and 2 fresh eggs.  When blended smooth, add 2 T. EVOO.

I made it through Jaycee Dugar's memoir A Stolen Life.  It's eerie and haunting because she writes like the little girl she was when she was abducted.  She is an incredible survivor.

The Mets are in first place.  Play offs start Saturday.

The many dos of my Dad.  I don't know many Grandpa's who let their granddaughters give them mohawks.

Dinner at the park tonight.  We're going for a fish fry in the pavilion.  T. Bone even said he would try it.

Miss Bit has plans for a sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa's tomorrow. 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Longest Day of the Year

I'm going to share with you a secret.  I live for fall.  I love crisp days and cool nights.  I never complain about the loss of light or shorter days, yet it's just about this time every year when my brief love affair with summer is scandalously rekindled.  Fall is my first true siren, but summer is a temptress impossible to resist.  I'm shamelessly attracted by the same things as everyone else.  My list of summer lures is long and growing longer, but the one thing that stands out amongst all the goodness is simply time.  It is a season defined by lingering, dillydallying and meandering.  There are abundant reasons to pause, play and put off.  The rules of time relax during these months and come June 20th it seems more important to catch fireflies than cook dinner, more pressing to read another chapter (or 4) than clean the house, and more worthwhile to visit longer than turn in for the night to catch up on sleep.

This morning the sun crept through the crack in my blind and beamed straight into my eyes.  It blazed a bright trail clear across my face.  Instead of being annoyed by the illuminating assault, I was amused.  I chose to be delighted because it was the start of a new day, and while after today each ensuing day will be a sliver shorter, I'm still here to live it.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Thoughts on the First Day of Summer

Today may be the first official day of summer, but truth be told it feels like it’s been summer here for awhile. The past few days have been hanging heavy in the 90s. I’m pretty sure we didn’t have any 90+ degree days last summer. It’s been tolerable in the shade thanks to the breeze. I was ever grateful for both yesterday. I sat in the grass under a tree and watched T. Bone practice first on the driving range and then on the putting green. I was cheerleader and water girl. I never opened the book I brought along.  He was enough entertainment as he prepped for his tournament today. T. Bone has always been such a natural at every sport he’s taken up. Flashback.  I can see him clear as day with his first set of clubs.  He's sporting a buzz cut, a blue shirt just like the big guys and khaki shorts.  It's the summer before his fourth birthday.  He's in the side yard with Grandpa, Daddy and Uncle B. learning the basics.  They are all puffed up and using words like natural to describe his way with a club.  I can hear my son in his raspy, lispy voice trying to talk them into taking him to a real course to play real golf.  These days golf is challenging him in ways he’s not accustomed to and I am impressed with how he is handling said contest. He was near the bottom of the leader board last week…not last, but close, yet certainly not discouraged. I really wasn’t sure how he’d handle his severe handicap, but he’s proven that he is up for the fight…not about to hang his head or back down. On the way to the course this morning, his friend A. said, “If you were more consistent you’d be really awesome.” T. Bone acknowledged this astute advise coming from A. who is a more seasoned, steady golfer, and also the reason he is playing in these tournaments in the first place. Both boys increased their scores by 4 strokes today. The course was longer and more difficult, not to mention it was hovering around 95 unforgiving degrees. T. Bone was jazzed despite placing even further from par. You see he had a formidable score going into the 6th hole. That nasty hole cost him 12 strokes and 2 balls lost to water. So he’s so close…so close. Golf has met its match in T. Bone. He will stop at nothing now to improve. What I love is that this is a personal competition. He’s acquiesced that A. is better than he is. He’s OK with that and  happy for A. The opponent he wants to beat is himself. The next tournament is slated for August, but T. Bone has plans to play many rounds before then with A., Uncle B. Bone, Grandpa and Dad. When he hits the course next time, he will have worked hard on his game, both mental and physical.

Bit has been swinging clubs around the yard too. OK swinging T. Bone’s first set of clubs which are too wee even for her now. Makes me think maybe we should get her out on the links as well. I think she could be pretty good and she seems to like it thus far.

So it’s only the first day of summer, and already things are going swimmingly…literally. Well, aside from the fact that T. Bone is healing from his first, and hopefully last, sunburn of the season after a day at the pool Monday. He has now learned that he cannot put sunscreen on his own back, and Miss Bit shared with him one word of wisdom…reapply. He has since prompted me to spend a day’s pay on balms that promise protection. Poor guy is white as a ghost. Was white as a ghost and now red as a lobster that is. He’s always hiding under a jersey on the field so his skin doesn't see much sun. Miss Bit is the one who gets brown as a berry. And for the record, she’d live at the pool if only they served chicken tenders instead of hot dogs. We’ve decided to get a season pass for the fish in the family.

Tomorrow is the last regular season game of the season. The Mets have already cinched (no, I don't mean clenched) first place. The team just came together right away and never lost their rhythm or momentum. It’s exciting for them...for and all. We still have the play offs and the post season tournament team to look forward to despite the fact that all good things must come to an end.  As much as I feel that our schedules are slave to baseball this time of year, I know I'm going to miss it when it's over.  I think Coach Hubby will faint after reading that confession.  But it's true.

While the boys had their last practice tonight, I agreed to take Miss Bit to the park when she asked ever so sweetly.  Once again I took my book...a new book since the day before...and once again I didn't bother to open it.  Instead I watched my girl climb and swing with a new friend.  I simply sat on the bench daydreaming and taking in the scenery.  The late evening sun still danced along the tree tops making the leaves look like they were dusted in gold as they shimmered in the intoxicating breeze.  Slowly shadows encroached on the playground calling my attention to the subtle shift from day to not day.  I was awakened to and awed by the passing of the day, the slow, yet discernible setting of the sun, and the never ending ticking of time.  I yearned for a freeze frame function urgently wanting to suspend the moment.  I thought what a sublime summer day it was.  Today is the first day of summer.  Tomorrow is the longest day of the year.  Never long enough.  So soon it becomes was.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

2 day pass

there's no doubt this was a boy's weekend.
there was quite an abundance of baseball.

1 practice, 4 games and tryouts for yet another team.
oh, and there was also bbq.
we finally ordered our wings about 9:00 saturday night.
we came right home from dinner and most of us went to bed.
except miss bit who badly wanted to stay up for movie night.
i indulged her, but tried to convince her i wasn't asleep on the couch only just resting my eyes.
the thunder finally rocked us both to sleep.
coach dad was up with his star pitcher for an early morning tourney game on father's day.
miss bit and i lazed around in honor of the holiday.
she finished her movie and i finally finished my book.
sayonara kitchen eating will not ever be the same.
we packed up ooey, gooey butterfinger cookies and cold waters, and made it to the ballpark for most of the second game with spare time for a snow cone

the knights were down then catching up and then falling apart.
they were in good spirits nonetheless and the whole team of sons huddled together to cheer on their dads on this day.

we were all gratefully reminded of what exactly is important...
these boys are all winners who have scored some pretty terrific dads.
especially this one.

we made it to my dad's just in time to see my brother off for a week of travel and to feast on brats hot off the grill.
it was birdapalooza in their neck of the woods for our viewing pleasure.

the trees were dotted with many finches, blue jays, a scarlet tanager, orioles, an indigo bunting and a red headed woodpecker.
mosquitoes were still scarce and i only got a single bite.

t. bone vegged out watching baseball and golf in the house.
that is until grandpa inspired a little real life chipping contest.

cash walk was postponed until next visit, but miss bit traipsed the wooded trails with bodi faithfully flanking her side and that made her quite happy.

we were all happy to be enjoying the gloaming together.

then we made our way home at twilight.
the rest of the family is showered and already soundly sleeping.
it was surely one great father's day for two great dads.

Happy Dad's Day

 I want to say Happy Dad's Day to the great men I know as fathers in my life.

My Dad who is the salt of my earth.

My husband who is the salt of their's.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Grateful Friday

Today I give thanks for...

Time to enjoy the days and nights of this slower season.
Slower in theory I might add.
Stolen moments with Miss Bit.
The idea to to drop everything and read on the trampoline instead of jump.
The idea to treat ourselves to pedicures in the middle of the day.
She forgot to request the nail art, but I think the blue on blue motif is quite fancy enough, and after a few tears she did too.
T. Bone is at that stage where the shared moments include friends.
I'm good with that because he has a solid, upstanding group of them.
Often my involvement is as chauffeur these days, but as driver I sure learn a lot.
I was privy to their end of year sleepover recap whilst these two gabbed on the way to a golf tourney this week.
The idea that we should have ice cream for lunch since the flavor was Nanny's much loved butter pecan.
I'm trying and mostly succeeding at that whole go with the flow thing.
I'm trusting that what must get done...will.
So far so good.
We're living in the moment and taking it day by day.
And as cliche as it sounds, there's really nothing trite or banal about it.

Monday, June 11, 2012

On My Mind Monday

The Summer Day
Mary Oliver

Who made the world?
Who made the swan, and the black bear?
Who made the grasshopper?
This grasshopper, I mean - 
the one who has flung herself out of the grass, the one who is eating sugar out of my hand,
who is moving her jaws back and forth instead of up and down -
who is gazing around with her enormous and complicated eyes.
Now she lifts her pale forearms and thoroughly washed her face.
Now she snaps her wings open, and floats away.
I don't know exactly what a  prayer is.
I do know how to pay attention, how to fall down
into the grass, how to kneel down in the grass,
how to be idle and blessed, and how to stroll through the fields,
which is what I have been doing all day.
Tell me, what else have I done?
Doesn't everything die at last, and too soon?
Tell me, what it is you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?

I love this Oliver poem because I cannot always answer the last question with conviction, but it always makes me consider giddily all the possibilities.  I embrace this as an invitation to explore, muse, wonder, delve.  I think we'll be doing a great deal of that all summer long.  I welcome it.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

2 day pass

this was the first official weekend of summer vacation.
we started it off slow.
they don't call them the lazy days of summer for nothin.
t. bone and miss bit slept in, had pancakes for almost lunch and then chilled out while i went for a 4 miler on the quintessential summer's day.
by mid afternoon we we mini golfing with the many other summer vacationers.
jack black: 48, t. bone: 51, moi: 53, and miss bit: 60.
all the patient players won ice creams after our game.

while the boys warmed up for the second half of their postponed due to weather tournament team game, we girls visited a nearby nursery so miss bit could get her kitty fix.
luckily all these little cuties already have homes.

the knights took second place amongst the 8 teams in the memorial day tournament.
i think it was a challenge to start the game in the middle down 2 runs (1-3).
by the bottom of the sixth inning, they were down 12-1.
with 2 outs, they rallied and closed the gap 12-6.
we still went out for wings to celebrate with the team.
miss bit was the only girl, but she didn't mind.

saturday brought more of the same...walks, baseball and bbq.
the breeze that offered welcome relief during our late morning walk, was no longer blowing for the met's late afternoon game.
it was a scorcher.
t. was the starting pitcher, and he did me proud.
after winning his game, he came home to do a little batting practice with his little sister.
that turned into a water fight...first with the guns and then with the hose.
the pictures below offer proof of just who prevailed.

i finally made this simple pasta dish i've been wanting to try.
believe me when i say that i'm a better cook than i am food photographer.
also take my word that whole wheat pasta, good parm, tender asparagus all topped with a perfectly poached egg make a company worthy combination.
we could have done without the chicken despite the fact that the thai marinade (cilantro, garlic, soy and toasted seasame oil) was also very tasty.

after a game of blokus, t. bone asked to go to bed and miss bit didn't balk about it.
stick a fork in us...we were done.

the boys were up early for practice before the heat of the day sunday.
my girl slept until 10:30!
she had just enough time for a quick breakfast before her mid-day date with dad at the pool.
t. bone had a date with me for a hair buzz cut.
he gave the nice hairdresser a picture from years ago.
she laughed nervously not convinced he would be pleased with such a drastic do.
he was all smiles, no tears and the waiting room was all wows.
he liked it so much that he treated me to lunch afterwards.

he let me snap this shot before heading out for a golf date with his dad and his uncle.
this is miss bit ready for an afternoon birthday bash.

t. bone came home after 9 holes just in time to make it to a friend's end of year party/sleepover with 8 other boys.
those parents are brave.
miss bit came home to lounge on the couch watching Annie.
the adults enjoyed the glorious night on the patio.
it was perfect...
it the time to chat and chill, it the gentle breeze and it the grilled tenderloin.
i'm ready for bed.