Wednesday, May 30, 2012


It's been a whirlwind of a weekend.  The momentum gathered during our time off has not subsided in our time back on.  And while my week doesn't really start until tomorrow, I haven't managed to slow down long enough to compose any cohesive thoughts for this precious space.  The time I haven't spent here has been gnawing at me like a thirsty mosquito.

I'm completely cognizant of the fact that there are only 7 days left of school...and that's including today.  Before the end of next week I will have a 6th grader and a 3rd grader.  By the end of next week, I must morph into Julie McCoy to direct and delight my crew.  It's that time of year again...yes, already.

Today is the last day I have all to myself so I'm going to spend it doing mostly what I want to do.  But before I get on with this business of making the most of my time, I must first share some moments and memories already made from much time together.

Last night was T. Bone's Student of the Quarter dinner.  He was one of 16 students awarded for academic success, character excellence and leadership roles school wide, and I was totally blown away by all of the recognition he received.  It was touching.  I dare say I got a little teary eyed when the fifth grade teachers read this poem they wrote about my so deserving son:

T. Bone is a wonderful guy-
He challenges himself to reach for the sky.
In fifth grade he exhibits leadership skills-
And classroom expectations he always fulfills.
He makes a difference in so many ways-
Always working to brighten up other people's days.
He sings beautifully in the school choir-
T. Bone is one we can all admire.
He's a wonderful boy. it is clear to see-
T. Bone is an important part of our school community! 

He is also a very committed ball player so as soon as he had his fair share of our favorite area restaurant's garlic bread and pasta, kind words, heartfelt congrats and audience applause he was practically sprinting to the car to get to the second half of his baseball game.  He made it for an out.  By the time Miss Bit and I made our way to the field, the game was over.  The Mets run-ruled the poor Jays and are still undefeated.  11 and 0!  Now we have a baseball reprieve until Saturday.  That's a good thing too since tonight T. Bone has a choir concert and tomorrow Miss Bit has a softball game.

Miss Bit has been a busy bee too.  Our Harley chick put on her presentation yesterday for the class.  She worked hard and was excited to share what she learned about the motorcycle world with her friends.  I'd give her an A just because she rocked the doo rag!

She had a birthday party for a new friend, a sleepover with a best friend and a swimming date with her aunt and uncle this weekend.  Life is good, but getting better.  She can hardly wait for summer vacation because she already adores the teenage babysitter we hired.

So 7 days and counting.  Counting down.  Summer vacation is single digits away.  It's almost here so I probably won't be here a whole lot, yet missing in action is not a bad place to be.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Grateful Friday

Today I give thanks for...


Miss Bit may be the youngest player on team Lightning, but she fits right in.  After their first victory, the girls all huddled together and chanted:
Thunder Thunder
Rain Rain
Come on Lightning
Way to win this game!

The Mets spilled out of the dugout to celebrate a teammate's first home run of the season.  His joy...their was palpable.
These two little siblings and erstwhile classmates were a team too.  They took on the task of announcing the players in tandem during our Little League game this week at the Major League ballpark.
And while it's a team sport, a team effort, T. Bone always stands out for his contributions whether he's pitching, catching, batting or playing short stop.

The Mets are 10-0!  The only undefeated team in the league.

Summer fruits.  We enjoyed our first nectarines of the season, another bag filled with the perfect green grapes and watermelon.

Friends who trust you with their brand new cameras so you can decide whether or not you want to make the investment in one for yourself.

And I must shout out once again to PicMonkey because without this site, the pictures that I take with my current seen better days camera would not be worth posting.

Miss Bit's date with her dad.

A date with T. Bone to play a little ping pong.

A new charger for my girl's electric scooter cuz' she smiles a lot when she scoots and looks pretty darn cute too.

My rocket man who took a great deal of pride in this school project.

Miss Bit woke up the other morning so happy to know she wasn't dreaming, but was in fact the proud owner of a new I Pod Touch.  A new I Pod Touch that she bought with her very own savings.

Sipping summer slushies on a Sunday at sundown with my soul sister.

A long holiday weekend ahead and a very short week next week.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Moments To Spare

I'm sitting here beside my stack of books.  A stack I'm ever so slowly making my way through simply because there just hasn't been time to make any real progress these nights. I've only just paged through June's Bon Appetit, but I've seen enough to say it deserves more time and some tasty trial too.  I missed both last night's and tonight's episodes of DWTS.   And that's just fine because I cannot Tivo life or little league.  Today there was only enough spare time for moments.  We managed to make the most of them.  We eked out the marrow...every morsel.  

The highlight of the day for Miss Bit was an after school date with her Dad.  I'm quite sure the anticipation of the exciting father daughter excursion made for a very long day for my girl.  Together they had plans to visit the Harley museum so she could prepare for a class presentation. Prepare and apparently pretend that she is Evil Kenevil!  The pictures they took perfectly captured their moments together.  I'm glad they shared them: the moments together and the pictures with me.    

T. Bone declined an after school invitation from a friend without any grief or guile.  Instead he came home alone with me to complete his homework so he could attend his sister's first softball game of the season.  He painted his rocket all rainbow for tomorrow's launch and did some reading while I worked out and then made a quick dinner.  We each did our own thing, but in the moments in between we were connecting, conversing, collaborating and coming together.

I may have been more nervous for Miss Bit's first big girl softball game than she was.  Well, that is until T. Bone was talking forced outs on the way to the field.  I'm pretty sure then she just wanted to turn around and come home at that point too.  I'm certain it no longer sounded like a sound idea to be a second grader on a team of third through fifth graders.  But my Bit...she played herself (all ourselves) proud.  I will always remember the bullet she hit that the pitcher barely caught as my girl ran straight through first base like nobody's business with a beaming smile.  The first base coach had to practically forcibly remove her...nobody was stopping her or calling her out.  In one game, she's one of the team.  That's just sweet like the caramel left coating her ice cream bowl tonight.  Hurt your teeth in a good way kind of sweet.

The Lightning won by so much we lost count because while we do keep score now at this level, at some point the numbers don't really matter.  We celebrated the victory over ice cream and ping pong as a family, which is to say sublimely.  Before bed, I finally read the final chapter of Little House on the Prairie with Miss Bit. Then I tucked in T. Bone.  When he asked me to trace a word on his back, I short changed him with A-C-E.     He pleaded for another and what can I say when he says it's his favorite time of day?  I obliged with R-O-C-K-E-T.  The last peep I heard from Miss Bit was the tail-end of her sweet prayers.  She had zero trouble falling asleep after a day so rich in moments.

So I guess the lesson I was reminded of today is that even when I think I'm too busy to stop and savor the seconds at hand, there are always moments to spare.  There's always something to celebrate when I choose to slow down long enough to notice and embrace them.

Sunday, May 20, 2012


4 camel's eyes for my guys this morning.
3 games played this weekend and hopefully 3 to go.

2 of us...just me and my Bit today.
1 more day of summer weather and weekend freedom.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Good Day

In the dream that stayed with me upon waking this morning, I was talking on the phone with my Mom.  We were trying to decide whether to take a walk or go to a street festival since it was a beautiful day and she felt good...she was healthy and happy.  This is a picture of Mom taken on just such a day.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Grateful Friday

Today I give thanks for...

A Mets team playing so well together they are 7-0.  Yep undefeated!  Of course, I rave about T. Bone, but seriously there are many shining stars on the team.  It's such cheap, clean, good fun!

My Dad writes the most heartfelt messages in the cards he gives us, and so we cherish them.  He also gives the best hugs and sometimes for absolutely no reason at all.

Soon the Wags' Pub will be open for business.  Hubby brewed and bottled his second batch of beer.  I love that he loves it even though I'm not much of a beer drinker.

These Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes.  There's a reason they were pinned and repinned.

Miss Bit has been watering the bleeding heart her Grandma and Grandpa gave her religiously every day.

Ina's cookies.  They were every bit worth the splurge, and also gone.

Shea butter soap.  I'm back to being a bar soap girl.

Sunday School is over for the summer, but I will miss our weekly walks through downtown and along the lakefront.

The gift of my annual begonia basket for Mother's Day.  My hook was waiting for it.  Thanks Grandma J.

In the stands last night there were rumblings about our how good and nice they are.  Whew!  Oh, and undefeated.

Apparently, T. Bone takes after his Gramps.  I think he writes pretty special sentiments as well.

Today really is THE perfect spring day.  It's just the right combination of not hot and not cold.

Plans for patio cocktails as soon as I hit post.  TGIF!  TGIST!  (Thank God it's Saturday tomorrow!)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Although I'm off today, its one of those rare days I'd actually rather be at work.  The kinda strange dryer repair guy is here right now and when he leaves I have a dentist appointment.  I haven't been flossing lately or using my Sonicare so I'm not looking forward to shamefully facing my hygienist.  We also desperately need groceries.  I had to beg T. Bone to get hot lunch today lest he be stuck with peanut butter again.  I know I know...torture.  And I love with a capital L the fajitas my hubby grilled Saturday night, but I cannot eat another.  To be fair, they've been on the menu the past 5 or so meals, but I cannot eat them for 5 more.

I am hoping I can fit in a 4 miler at some point as well.  Lastnight's storm ended T. Bone's game just after it started and ushered in a perfect day for pounding the pavement today.  It's sunny and in the 60's so I need to get out and enjoy it, but my dryer is in many pieces and Repairman Bill is swearing under his breath so things don't look promising.  I should have thought twice about anyone who would call his business Alliance Appliance. But he could come when I needed him to and I needed him ASAP.  Miss Bit has been waiting for clean underwear rather patiently I might add.

This working 4 days a week is cutting into my real life.  And in just a few weeks the kids will be off for the summer.  That schedule change just drastically alters the weekly landscape.  This weekend I am keeping a very low profile.  I need it, I deserve it, I've earned it.

Monday, May 14, 2012

two day pass

the highlight of this weekend was mother's day morning.
i was treated to breakfast in bed complete with flowers, which were miss bit's touch, and watermelon arranged in the shape of a heart ala t. bone.
the kiddos were so sweet, pleased with themselves and excited for me to open my gifts.
so i did, but it's always the cards that take the cake...homemade and heartfelt from all three of my loves.
t. bone made me a little clay bird to hold jewelry and it is truly a treasure.
he also picked out some tastefully colorful new melamine dinnerware for many meals a fresco to come.
my bit proudly picked out a very pretty pearly earring and bracelet combo, which i promptly put on.
i cannot wait to break in my new frittata pan, a gift from my guy.
t. bone was quick to inform me that it also makes great crepes explaining his extreme enthusiasm over a pan.
on the way to church i got my sign: a pumkin 2 sighting.
all i can say is thank you.
grandma j. met us for mass and that was an extra special treat.
she and i were able to light the very last two candles in memory of our moms which was such a  blessing.
from the corner of my eye, i watched in wonderment as the little flame of my candle burned brightest.
the flame flickered with frenzy.
t. bone and miss bit both noticed it too.
father t. shared an especially sunny sermon...i really needed a boost to lift me for the day.
after ogling over the baby being baptized and her second holy communion, miss bit crowned mother mary.
i could tell she was nervous, yet honored, and also happy to stand next to father t.
we spent the rest of the beautiful day at my in laws visiting.
miss bit christened the pool for the season.
although the air was warm, the water was not, but that sure didn't even give my girl pause.
uncle m. was brave enough to join her much to her delight.
i felt exhausted at the end of the day...emotionally and physically.
it's hard work trying to be happy when you are sad.
the thing is...i miss my mom, but i don't want my kids to miss me.
i want to and need to be present for them.
that's just what moms do.