Friday, December 31, 2010

Boxing Day - Round IV

The day after Christmas we headed over to the in-laws for a little more celebrating. There was another delicious meal, more thoughtful presents, one more rendition of 'Happy Birthday' for T. Bone...another Merry Christmas for us all.

Grateful Friday

Today I give thanks for...

A happy holiday season.
Celebrating morning, noon and night with family and friends over breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert...the magic of Santa, fun with Fred and the adoration of Jesus...little girls who squeel with delight over every.single.present, but especially the much coveted pillow pet...young boys who exclaim, "Christmas can be over now cuz' I've gotten e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g- I wanted!"...spinach stuffed tomatoes, double stuffed potatoes, perfectly cooked tenderloin and perfectly aged wines...Christmas stratas and Polish Kielbasas and chilled champagne with or without fresh squeezed orange juice...Snuggies and Sham Wows and Yoshiblades and Bump Its...Angels and lantern boys...Amens and alleluias...beautiful Christmas trees, choir sung carols and cookies coming out of our and cards...time to spend loving, laughing and from the heart and gifts for the heart.

A happy year.
Family trips to the mountains and seas - Colorado, Bermuda and Cape Cod...weddings - 2 special cousins and 1 much loved brother...a new MBA and a new family home...togetherness...time...traditions.

A new year.
The gift of a fresh start and all of the change and challenge, opportunities for growth and extension, a new year presents.

Dear 2011...

may you give us many reasons to celebrate as you bring out the very best in us!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Merry Christmas - Round III

Our whole crew headed North to my Aunt and Uncle's for more Christmas Day festivities. We kicked off the evening with a lively white elephant gift exchange that was engaging and entertaining for all. Miss Bit was so smitten with her jellyfish night light that she hid it behind my back fearing someone would take it. I'm pretty sure it was one of the only gifts that no one else wanted. I cannot say the same for the Sham Wow, the Grabber, the Gripper, or the Badger Snuggie.

We convened in the dining room for a delicious dinner and then we sang 'Happy Birthday' to my boy. Miss Bit sweetly serenaded her brother on her new pink rock guitar. There are times that Christmas brings out the best in us.

We then visited and played games late into the night, or maybe early into the next morning. We played a hilarious new game that had me laughing harder than I have in some time. Let's just say my Dad was cursed to swat imaginary mosquitoes while playing air guitar, my sil had to talk on a CB like a french woman, and my brother had to act like he was in an earthquake and talk like a pirate while emmulating a pro wrestler for the duration. T. Bone was front and center with his PS3 trying all his new games for much of the night. Funny...but he was never alone.

It was a Merry Christmas...a very good time.

Santa Claus Came to Town - Round II

Miss Bit came in not too early Christmas morning to wake hubby and I ever so sweetly. We were already up just awaiting our summons in what we knew would be the only silence of the day. We actually had to rouse T. Bone from his sleep.

Miss Bit was pleased to find the hot cocoa gone, the apples eaten and only cookie crumbs left...cookie crumbs and a letter from Mr. Claus himself, that is. Our initial plan was to save the PS3 for T. Bone's last gift, but after the emotional outburst from the night before, we decided it would be his first. He was hugging and kissing the box he was that happy...and then his Mom and Dad, of course.

Miss Bit's BIG gift this year was the little Nano. She immediately started listening to her tunes, thus tuning the rest of us out until we suggested that she wait to rock out until a little later. We spent a leisurely hour and a half opening our gifts for and from one another. Before we knew it, the living room was a disaster (as it should have been) and we had family coming for brunch in an hour.

We manged to straighten up the house, clean ourselves up and to put a tasty brunch on the table just in time for the arrival of Grandma and Grandpa, Uncle B. and Aunt A, and Aunt J. Dessert was more presents. Delicious! Miss Bit was over the moon when she opened her pillow pet...her dolphin pillow pet was by far THE most loved gift of my girl's Christmas.

Twas' The Night Before Christmas - Round I

We officially ushered in the Christmas weekend at church celebrating the birth of Jesus. It amazes me how touched and shored up I am by this service year after year. The 75 (yes, I counted them) Poinsettias were crimson red...the rich color of blood or cherries...and thick with velvety leaves. The manger was framed by a row of trees all asparkling with white lights - our own little breath of Bethlehem. The pews filled fast with parishioners packed in tight like sardines until there was standing room only while we waited for the procession to begin, and the church was filled with the most beautifully sung carols. T. Bone took part in the pageant this year as the lantern boy. It was his job to lead the rest of the participants into church for the blessing of the crib. Miss Bit's always an angel...wings, halo and all.

We took the long way home to my Brother and Sil's for Christmas Eve dinner so we could admire the lights along the way. They were ready and waiting for us, and the kids were done waiting and ready to open gifts. We let them. Miss Bit loved all of her gifts an awful lot...clothes, toys and everything in between. T. Bone was very stoked for his LeBron James jersey and his new basketball shoes, but that only lasted until he realized that he didn't receive a PS3 from his Uncle when he was beyond sure he was getting one. So sure that he refused to heed my subtle and even not so subtle warnings and instead said things like, "I know B. Bone is going to come through for me. He's good like that!" He had an uncharacteristic breakdown that I had to work real hard during just to keep my composure. The thing is that I got it...I was a kid with kaliedescope eyes once myself. I let him know that I understood. He let me know that he appreciated the understanding.
Our traditional night before Christmas dinner was sure not to disappoint. Everything was delicious...we enjoyed the company as much as the meal. As always, my Brother and Sil were host and hostess divine. Dessert was poker or chocolate mousse with creme de menthe cream. Everyone was blissfully happy...beyond blessed.

Shortly, after Twas' The Night Before Christmas, both T. Bone and Miss Bit were anxious to head home, leave treats for Santa and his crew and get to sleep so they could arrive. They were nestled all snug in their beds just after midnight and asleep within seconds for sweet Santa-filled dreams. I don't think I slept long enough to dream.