Sunday, May 30, 2010

Pinch Me

My Dad called me the other day. He asked me what we were doing this time last week. He still has Bermuda on the brain. His word for the vacation was "spectacular." Not bad coming from a guy who was reticent to travel there in the first place. I'm glad the island, the family holiday got ahold of him. When we were kids, it was our Dad who took us places. Not exotic destinations like Bermuda, but Florida, NYC, Chicago, Door County, up north. He came home and right away started to plan to make the trip to Cape Cod with us this summer.
And speaking of's blessing us here and it's still May according to my calendar. It's been the perfect weekend to relax and chill. Friday T. Bone accompanied Uncle B. and Aunt A. to the Brewer's game and saw his first walk off homerun. Hubby was even too tired to join them. Miss Bit's friend A. came over yesterday morning and well...she's still here. T. Bone spent the night at her house with his friend P. We did the swap. I took the boys to the store to get new water guns for a wet and wild birthday party they attended yesterday. It was hilarious to shop with them and listen to them discuss the merits of the rattler over the scope, of red over blue. They each ponied up crisp $20s, and I had to kick in the $1.12 for tax and spend the ride home explaining taxes to them. How is it that my baby is almost as tall as me? My brother and sister in law joined us for dinner last night. It was really nice to hang out with them on the patio talking about their fabulous wedding weekend. We didn't really spend much time with them in Bermuda because we get to be together like this almost every weekend. Today we are headed to my in laws to swim and bbq. Their pool is already in the 80s and they haven't even turned on the heater. My dip is made and my sunscreen and book are packed. Tomorrow our friends are coming over and our time together will involve more cold drinks, hot grilled food and lively conversation.
If this is a dream...don't you dare wake me up!