Sunday, January 20, 2013

2 day pass

this weekend was happily filled with family and friends.
we spent lots of time together.
little moments...big memories.
and speaking of memories, me and my girl snuggled in to watch old family movies on friday after school.
it was her idea...yes, her idea.
it was such fun to relive so many occasions and especially to do so through her eyes.
of course, mine (eyes) didn't stay completely dry.
seeing her see herself as our precious newborn,  baby, was precious.
when t. bone got home from ski club, we had to show him some of his prime four year old footage.
he even smiled hearing his telltale raspy little voice with the slightest hint of a lisp.
in one video, coach and me are giving all the attention to baby miss bit...trying to get her to smile and he is running around in the background first putting on his backpack and threatening to go to college and then when that didn't work, yelling call 9-1-1-1!
we didn't even notice any of his antics in the moment so charmed by we by our wee lass.

speaking of charm, miss bit had her charm school graduation saturday.
it's true...she is even more charming than ever.
the girls were able to showcase much of what they learned during our luncheon at a local tea room.
and then they were happy to get out of their dress clothes and get outside to run around in the fresh air and mud for the afternoon.
that's the way it should be too...they are only 8.

we attended saturday early evening mass and then tried a new to us restaurant.
after i saw miss bit struggling to cut her pizza so she could eat it with her knife and fork, i declared that there are fine dining manners and pizza parlor manners.
she seemed relieved.
i think i was too.
we started with a garlic pizza that was transfer's version of garlic bread.
sooooo good and quickly gone.
the kids shared their standing order: sausage/roni while the adults enjoyed a pesto/tomato/asiago pie.
i think we'll be back.

at the end of the day, we enjoyed a little child free time to indulge in an r rated movie.
argo was so well done.
love ben affleck and cannot wait to read the book.
thankful for brave, outside the box thinkers like tony mendez.

coach and me started off sunday with a brisk walk in the brisk air.
the boys left for basketball.
we girls headed out to see a local theater production of the little mermaid.
our friend played flounder.
she was so great.
such stage presence and confidence for an almost 12 year old not to mention a flawless voice.
we're gonna say we knew her when.

we stopped for a little post-show cheer on our way home.
the girls were happy with hot cocoas smothered in whipped cream, and chicken tenders drowned in ketchup.
the mamas were happy with chilled chardonays.
i have to do a shout out to my crock of french onion soup topped with cheese so gooey and serious that it came with a pair of scissors on the side.
that was both lunch and dinner.

the "weekend" play date continued at our house.
the moms conversed with cabernet this time, and the girls painted some pictures and nails.
we all played just dance.
and then it was time to call it a night even if we didn't necessarily want to.

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