Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Few of My Favorite Things

I meant to post this before Christmas. I received, gifted and/or enjoyed all of these items over the holidays, and I love them all.

These fresh frozen spices. I stocked up at Costco and you should too.

Harney & Sons teas especially Cinnamon Sunset.

Dinner: A Love Story cookbook.  It is a must have for any family cook.  I rarely feel the need to own cookbooks these days with so many recipes at my fingertips on the www, but this is a keeper.

This collection of poems.  Any Mary Oliver actually.

Li Bien ornaments.  They are handpainted keepsakes to treasure from year to year.

Sur La Table which is one of my favorite places to shop.  Some of my most loved finds include these
Alterra coffee in any roast or blend.

Linnea Design poster calendars.  I get one every year and enjoy it every day.

Thymes Frasier Fir candles or really anything.



Summer said...

I have had my eye on the Oliver book. . . do you love it? Also, I'm new to tea, I may have to give this kind a shot.

Evie said...

Summer, I do love it, but I love them all. And I'm more a coffee girl myself, but I know tea is better for me and that cinnamon sunset is delicious. It has me down to one cup of jet fuel a day followed by a mug of tea. I think I'm also drawn by the cute tin and the pretty silk tea bags.