Sunday, January 13, 2013

2 day pass

the weekend was just right.
no plans friday.
a busy saturday.
a low key family day sunday.
on the agenda friday evening, a single task with my sidekick sous chef: birdie cookies.
once set, we used kitchen twine to turn them into adorable and tasty edible ornaments to hang from our branches.

saturday morning was splendid.
miss bit was off to charm school and then a play date.
in true role reversal...t. bone spent the day lounging at home.
i met jess first thing at the lakefront for a few miles.
it was like spring: sunny, windy, warm for january.
i can feel the sun getting warmer as it draws nearer these days.

as soon as the sun thought about setting, we packed up and headed to grandma and grandpa's for soup and sports.
my dad's 44 (4 bean and 4 pepper) white chili got my #1 vote, yet each tureen held contenders.
it was fun gathering together...around the t.v. to cheer on our team even if they didn't win and around the i pad to play pop quiz.

sunday morning we attended church.
while the kids went to sunday school, coach and i went for coffee.
we all met up for a little potluck in the parish center and it was decided then and there that we would go to the movies for the afternoon.
only we couldn't exactly agree on one movie.
so the boys went to see something suspenseful and the girls went to see something slightly sappy.
and everyone was happy.

sure we didn't sit down for sunday supper until 7:00, but that was ok because it was a good and full day of family fun.
now we are all going to bed.
good night.

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