Monday, January 7, 2013

2 day pass

miss bit and i headed to the mall after school/work friday.
it was a self-proclaimed girl's night out.
the boys had other plans.
we took care of business and then chatted over gelato and cream for her and sparkling wine for me.
at home we changed into our pjs and snuggled in for a movie.
it was a good night.
it was a good morning too.
we were up and ready early.
t. bone came home from the ski hill friday night only to sleep, eat and get more money before heading right back saturday.
miss bit gussied up for etiquette class with a friend who then came home with her to play all the rest of the day much to both the girls delight.
i caught up with my friend, miss bit's friend's mom, as day turned to night.
coach made homemade mac for the kids and i made lasagna soup for the grown-ups.
i had a quiet house yesterday.
i decided to dechristmas while the rest of the crew was away playing basketball and with friends.
it made me sad and then happy to have less clutter.
coach and i made crepes 4 ways for sunday dinner:
butter and powdered sugar for him, berries and cream for her, ham and cheese and spinach for us.
i was asleep before the kiddos last night.
i'm still fighting this bug and also the post holiday blues.


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