Monday, January 21, 2013

On My Mind Monday

When we ourselves are teenagers, we are living life as it comes.  There is no point in reflection.  We are so inexperienced, there is very little to reflect on.  If we fail a big test, we just move on.  We win an award and we smile and say thank you.  We fall in love and it's a thrill.  We get our hearts broken and we suffer.  And we feel all these highs and lows in our absolute core; it feels as if it's never happened to anyone else because it's never happened to us before.  Only later can we look back in the comfort that perspective brings.

Stories I Only Tell Myself
Rob Lowe

I took a break from this autobiography to read Gone Girl.  That break lasted only three days.  Flynn's most recent novel is the kind of read you don't want to put down despite the fact that you don't want to finish it either.

That being said, I'm enjoying Lowe's book more than I expected.  It's familiar.  We grew up at essentially the same time so I am in tune with the back drop.  I am on a serious mission to get a copy of  The Outsiders.  I forgot he was even in that movie.

I love the last line of this passage: the comfort that perspective brings.  I tend to think that perspective brings clarity or wisdom.  I like the idea of perspective granting peace and ease. 

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