Friday, January 11, 2013

Grateful Friday

Finding something lost.  I noticed I lost a brand new earring when Miss Bit and I returned home from the mall Friday eve.  I called the store where I tried on a few things with no luck and hung up with little hope of finding it.  I was bummed because the earrings were a very nice gift from my brother and sil for Christmas.  Lo and behold...the first thing I saw when I looked at my desk Monday morning was my missing shiny silver earring.  Prayers to St. Anthony work.

Feeling better finally.  It took me almost 2 weeks to fully recover from my bout with the flu.  I'm glad that my kids had the flu mist and that coach has an immune system of steel.

Pasta Fagioli soup for dinner and many lunches this week.  The kids weren't fans of all the beans, which left more for me.

The new pork recipe we tried this week.  I marinated the tenderloin overnight and it was tender, juicy and tasty.  Miss Bit asked for thirds!  I served it with perfectly baked potatoes.  At Casa Wags we rub the skins with a little EVOO and generously season them up with kosher salt.  Then we bake them for 60-75 minutes at 425 degrees.  They barely need butter and there are almost never any leftover skins and we all know the outsides are the best for us.

This delicious, disappearing cake.  It's a dangerous blueberry lemon coffee cake that I made mid-week, and it is already gone.  I did share a few slices with friends, but even so it's totally unheard of that T. Bone asked for and ate the very last slice this morning for breakfast.  He generally turns down anything not hot out of the oven or more than a day old.

Miss Bit was so excited to have a new friend over yesterday for the first time.  They had a blast and I'm glad because I really got a good vibe from this young lady.  If I could pick and choose my daughter's friends, I would surely choose her.

Rob Lowe's autobiography  which pulled me in this week.  I'm really enjoying it.  I have always liked him, and in a way I feel like I grew up with him.  2012 started as the year of the memoir.  Perhaps 2013 will be that of the autobiography.

An Amazon order with a friend today.  We ordered two books and split the cost.  We'll swap and read them both.  I'm happy because I'm like 12 of 40 holds at the library on one of our selections.  
All of our Christmas decorations are down and packed away until next year.  It wasn't too bad because I was quite the minimalist this year.  The cats are grateful to have their perch in the sun again.

Coconut Greek yogurt with vanilla almond granola.  It's more like dessert than breakfast.

Miss Bit is enjoying her second round of tennis lessons.

Musicals and local theater.  Joseph and His Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat is the spring musical our high school drama club is performing.  Today I listened to the soundtrack on my way to work.  I'll be buying tickets when they go on sale in two weeks.

A date to walk tomorrow morning.

Plans to cheer on our NFL team at my Dad's this weekend.  He's hosting a soup party.  I'll be bringing my roasted tomato with cheddar at his request. He never requests anything so I feel sorta special.

Our unseasonably warm temperatures will be replaced by a cold snap Sunday.  I am happy about the return of winter for reasons I've already declared.  T. Bone is hoping to have more snow for snowboarding next week and Miss Bit is hoping the ice rink freezes over long enough to be able to strap on her skates.

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