Friday, March 29, 2013

Grateful Friday

Today I give thanks for...

Daffodils and tulips.  My house looks like spring.

It's starting to feel like spring too.  I just got back from a 4 miler with Coach.  The sun is out warming us and melting the snow.

I also took a walk with Miss Bit the other day.  She kept my pace.  It was another beautiful day.  We passed the time chatting about any and everything, and also finding shapes in the clouds.

Signs.  The cloud creatures made us remember late last summer when we saw our angel cloud at day's end.  We were cooling off in Lake Michigan when the angel morphed into a dove.  I reminded her that the dove is a symbol of the holy spirit.  She said, "That was a miracle Mom."

Spring science projects.  We decided to dye our Easter eggs au naturale.  We chopped some beets, steeped some tea, boiled some spinach, crushed some blueberries and mixed some turmeric.  We had the best results with the tea and the turmeric.  The other specimens were redyed all ROY G BIV thanks to my decorating gels.  We also experimented using some brown eggs and some white ones.

Coach made homemade meatballs and sauce last night for a little impromptu family dinner.  The timing was just right too because we realized it was my bil's birthday.  I didn't have a cake, but I did have a pan of M&M cookie bars.

We may attempt homemade pasta tonight to enjoy with the leftover sauce.

A bunny sighting this morning.  The first of the season was out grazing away this morning.

Family date at the theater for The Croods.  Very clever and entertaining for all ages.

A low key week of staycation.  The kids spent time with their cousins and friends just playing games, watching movies and  replenishing their vitamin D reserves.  The trampoline is finally cleared of snow and the basketball court is reappearing a little more each day.

Brotherly love.

  Cheek to cheek.

Nose to nose.