Monday, March 25, 2013

2 day pass

this was a couple days of contradictions.
saturday i felt stuck, blue, blase'.
it's spring break, but we aren't going anywhere.
anywhere except for grandma and grandpa's, which is somewhere.
somewhere very special, in fact.
and it doesn't feel much like spring, but, of course, it is.
we've had gale force winds and flurries in between scarce sightings of the sun.
march madness momentarily inspired t. bone to go out and shovel the basketball court, but then he ended up in the basement playing video games.
this weather craziness made coach appreciative that baseball practice was slated for indoors.
miss bit has been torn between her lizard and her jealous cat, and not at all happy that our plans changed numerous times on saturday.
i think she even said, this day keeps getting worse and worse!
gah!  i'm so excited for summer vacation!
so i think we all felt a little out of sorts.
it reminded me of living in the sorority house in was like the whole household was pmsing together
there are many things it's nice to do together...that isn't one of them.
i know i have a bad case of the blahs when i prefer eating out to cooking...
and sleeping to reading.
that being said we did venture out for burgers on saturday night.
oh, and milky way pie.
and a drive by my aunt and uncle's, and slowly...slowly things started looking up.
the highlight of the weekend for me was sunday morning without doubt.
palm sunday is a somber, reflective mass.
i didn't cry during the passion this year, but a couple of the hymns did get to me.
but then i felt much much better.
we all had a little more spring in our step after church even though sunday was the more wintery day.
i had more inspiration to do some things i love.
like cook with my girl: nostalgic twinkie cupcakes and a cheesy pizza for lunch.
then when the rest of my family left for grandma and grandpa's, i relished in the quiet of the house.
i knew i wouldn't be good company so i stayed behind, albeit reluctantly.
i worked out, wrote in some journals and read.
i really needed it too.
today i feel better.
at peace.
it is what it is.
both mother nature and human nature.