Monday, March 18, 2013

2 day pass

it was a red and green weekend.
red for our team and green for our heritage.
we celebrated both.
but first we met grandma and grandpa for dinner and a drop off friday eve :
mexican food and the kids for the weekend.
only t. bone ordered pancakes and miss bit had her standard chicken tenders with a side of choriqueso.
i think he had grandpa's short order cook breakfast on the brain.
coach and i were up early saturday and ready for a slippery walk even though we stopped out on our way home the night before.
it snowed again overnight.
this day last year was more like summer than winter.
such is march in our neck of the woods.
we met friends at a pub for our annual st. pat's day slaintes and go buckys.
sunday we lazed about on another wintry morn.
i made irish soda bread and a pot of ina's very delicious looking and smelling winter minestrone.
we went to fetch kids who didn't want to come home.
before we left, some of us watched the badger game and others looked at grandma's scrapbook collection.
it was a very quiet car ride home.
leftovers were served for dinner.
corned beef will be enjoyed another day.
once showered and jammied, we cozied in to watch the bible.
the kids got hooked over the weekend.
i was worried miss bit would be up all night because of the violence.
no worries...she slept like a log.
she wants to go back to g & g's next weekend.