Friday, March 15, 2013

Grateful Friday

Today I give thanks for...

Getting up this morning and working out first thing.  I used to walk with the birds many a Friday morn.  It felt great to end the week and start the weekend on this healthy note.

The elliptical.

New shoes. One pair for indoor workouts and one for outdoor.  My heal is already feeling less tender.  I learned the hard way that shoes need to be retired sometimes before they show it.

Willy Porter on the way to work this morning.  In a couple weeks we will see him on stage.

Thoughtful, grey days and bright vases of sunny daffodils.

T. Bone aced...A-C-E-D!...his second trimester.  He was rewarded with a day off mid-week to sled and eat Shamrock shakes. School was cancelled because there was no heat btw.

Happening upon a compilation of Anne Morrow Lindberghs personal writings.  Gift From The Sea is a book I treasure.  I read it again the summer before last.  I was envious of the time AML was able to carve out (weeks and sometimes months) for escaping to the beach where she could write in solitude. As I read letters and journal entries, it became clear that she lived a very different life from the one I have always imagined.  Still, she is such an inspiration.

Brown Rice with Kale  I made this recipe two times this week because I loved it that much.

Perfect muffins filled with plump blueberries.

Dancing With The Stars starts this week.  I'm a bit bugged that the latest bachelor is going to be on.  I think he seems like a gentleman, but this draw towards more publicity makes me question how genuine his new relationship is.  Sadly,  I don't have high hopes that they will last long.  Maybe long enough to throw the big ABC media grabbing wedding they are hyping, but then I think it will be downhill from there.
Pope Francis I. 
T. Bone and Miss Bit are spending the weekend with Grandma, Grandpa and Bodi.  
We will meet some friends for green beer and corned beef Saturday afternoon.  It is a sure sign of aging that I want to be far from any pub when the sun sets.