Sunday, March 3, 2013

2 day pass

this weekend was perfectly filled with highlights and down time.
peaks like a girl's night out to kick it all off and family dinner hot off the grill to close it.
the two, perfect bookends for a just right couple of days.
just right to me means time to do and time to just be.
a mixture of coulds and shoulds.
it's made up of alone time and moments to share in the company of others.
it is time set aside to read a short story, or write, or take a walk or maybe a picture, or bake in between loads of laundry and chores and church.
it is clearing the calendar for the whole afternoon to take miss bit and her lovely friend on a date.
we attended the raptor show at our area preserve and then went for linner.
after t. bone returned home from a day on the slopes, we threw in a pizza for latenight snack.
it was a come what may...go with the flow couple of days.
and still i am ready to succomb to sleep...i am craving solitude and sweet dreams.

mr. windchill mc cloud is the newest resident raptor and my new favorite.

the snow covered trails will soon be a muddy mess.
tallulah, the turkey vulture, likes to dig for her food.

here she is showing off her 6 foot wing span.

the girls enjoying their time together.

whenever there is pizza on the menu, miss bit will order it.  that is so long as there are no chicken tenders.  she shared a slice with her friend telling me that she thinks very highly of her.

along the lakefront for a sunny sunday morning stroll.