Friday, March 1, 2013

Grateful Friday

Jennifer Lawrence winning for Silver Linings Playbook.  I thought she was so humble and heartfelt in her acceptance of the award and I love her even more for stumbling and then getting right back up and making light of it.  I am boycotting ABC.  They showed her little fall no less than 3 times in the hour I watched The Today Show the next morning.  Of all the moments of the night, they chose to capitalize on that?  Shame.

A game of  Wits and Wagers with my family Saturday night.  It is all of our all time favorite board game.  

A fireball of a full moon this week.  So magnificent the picture paled in comparison and was deleted.

Happy Birthday celebrations that end with flutes of champagne and my super famous flourless chocolate cake topped with chocolate ganache and raspberries and served over homemade vanilla bean sauce.

A sure sign of spring in the air...when these two sleep separately.

Pure, true unconditional love and ceaseless snuggles.

Cantaloupe with blueberries.

Baked french toast.  I planned on serving this as a surprise for the kids Wednesday morning.  I set my alarm early to put it in the oven.  When I came downstairs, I was welcomed by a whole world of white.  The streets had yet to be plowed.  My no school suspicions were soon confirmed.  So I cozied in with my book and waited for the rest of the house to wake up before leisurely making breakfast.  It was the perfect morning to have a special treat to serve.

A mid week day of respite and revelry thanks to the snow.  The phone first rang at 7:20.  It was T. Bone's friend just trying to get a plan for the fun day.  More calls were soon to follow.  Miss Bit's friend was face timing her by 7:30.  So much for peace and quiet, but the kids had a good wet winter time.

Snow blowers.

Miss Bit and Coach are reading the first Harry Potter book together.

A roasted chicken that was met with awesome approval by the whole family this week.

Miss Bit's conference. Her teacher is once again quite smitten with just about everything about her.

The kids both have invitations with friends this evening.  I have a date with aunt Jess.  Coach gets a quiet night at home.

Hide and seek.