Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Curve Ball

This day didn't exactly go as planned.  I came down with a stomach flu with a mighty vengeance early last night.  It kept me up until morning.  Then Coach started on the rapid decline.  I picked T. Bone up from school and he was quickly down for the count too.  While Miss Bit ate her dinner all incredulous that she was the only family member able to stomach food, I sensed the foreboding quality in her bold assertion.  She called my cell phone while I was at the hospital visiting my Uncle to whine about how she was not feeling well.  Turns out she was sad not sick, but I expect her to be paying homage to the porcelain Gods before morning.

I'm sad too.  My Uncle,  my Dad's eldest sibling, will not be coming home. He'll be going home.  It's a journey I believe he's well prepared for and long ago accepted.  Faith makes death easier, but it's never easy. Loss is difficult and complex.  The loss of a loved one truly leaves a hole in the family, in the heart.

It also reminds me of the importance of making the most of what limited, finite, fleeting time we have.  That's why I didn't hesitate to crawl into bed with a weepy Miss Bit when I got home.  I hugged her and talked with her until her tears turned to laughs.  It's why I'm up right now hanging out with T. Bone, feeding him ice and keeping him company when I kinda need to be sleeping.   It's why I won't waste time on people who bring me down instead of lifting me up.

Life is simply too short.  Time too valuable.