Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Day After

On the way to school this morning, I asked Miss Bit if she had any questions about what happened in Boston yesterday.  She wanted to know who would do such a thing.  It didn't feel good to have to fess up that we don't really know yet.  Then she stated with absolute certainty, Well when we do find them, they'll be punished.  I thought, If we find them, they'll be punished, but there's plenty more waiting in the wings.  Thankfully, she doesn't know the depth and breadth of human hatred.

She expressed gratitude that only 3 innocents lost their lives.  She doesn't know that one of them was a child...a child her age there cheering on his Dad.  She does know that many more people were injured and some seriously and to that she says, YES, but they are still alive and that is SO much better!  She doesn't know that a 5 year old lost both legs.

I assured her that our city is an unlikely target, but then I felt a wave of unease as we blew our air kisses.  The distance growing between us as she made her way up the school walk filled me with fear.  Yet she's smiling and squinting at me thanks to what's left of childhood innocence and a sunny day.  Today I stayed to watch her disappear into the school realizing the risks inherent in every day.

I drove home in silence.

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Lady Cordelia said...

it's so freaking hard, isn't it?
i really get this post.