Monday, April 22, 2013

2 day pass

where did the weekend go?
how is it already come and gone?
it was a mostly quiet and cozy couple days.
in between dates, we got to some spring cleaning.
it felt good to get at the grit.
it also felt good to catch up with my friend saturday.
we took our girls roller skating and thought we would chat while they went round and round.
only we went to a new to us rink where the music is louder than usual.
like cannot hear yourself think kinda loud.
talking was out of the question.
it was ok though because then they had to stay for dinner.
coach made ribs and they were his best yet.
it was a bit of a production, but worth it.
i made ina's onion rings and sauteed spinach to round out the meal.
it was good.
sunday i was so happy to go to our church after two weeks away.
i'm pretty sure mass was my favorite part of the weekend.
like just what i needed.
breakfast with coach after was real nice too.
miss bit went swimming with a friend and t. bone opted to chillax at home despite at least one invitation.
coach and i planned our summer vacation during an impromptu happy hour.
we let the kids in on the exciting road trip during dinner.
dinner was leftover ribs and homemade mac and cheese.
i promptly fell fast asleep on the couch a nano second after tucking the kids in.
the sun is shining today and it smells like spring.
the bunnies are chasing each other around the yard and little red is on his stump patiently waiting for breakfast.
i'm ready for the new day...the new week...the new season.

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