Thursday, April 25, 2013


Synecdoche: a part representing the whole.  A sail representing a fleet.  A crown representing a king.  A dinner representing a mother.
Claire Dederer 

As I drove along the lakefront this morning, I was taken aback by the cool slate color of the still icy water.  I was struck by how the ripples appeared to be devoid of color...completely colorless.  Our lake has been quite the chameleon this week changing from blue as sky to green as grass to gray as...really what is gray?  Just like that and the shimmery hope of yesterday's liquid expanse is today's vast vacancy.

The rain clouds stalled out over the lake were releasing their moisture.  I could see sheets not drops falling from them.  Along my route, some roads were rain soaked and others bone dry.  It was rather hit or miss.  The sun was straining to make an appearance.   Despite rain and cold, I was not stuck in a somber mood. 

Au contraire...I was singing along to You Are The Sunshine Of My Life and feeling rather warm and bright.  Everything about the decades old ballad is happy and joy filled.  I was humming and remembering the first time I recall hearing this song.  I'm stretched out on the floor of the living room at the end of a hot summer day.  The sun is still streaming into the room, flooding it so that the gold shag 70s carpet looks like spun precious metal.  I'm fresh out of the bath dressed in a pair of shorty pajamas covered with bright flowers.  My Mom is in the kitchen making a late dinner after a long day at work.  Something light and simple on this humid night I am sure.  I'm listening to her sing along as drawers open and dishes clang.  I feel safe and happy...warm and bright.

This image of my 7, 8 or 9 year old self is a treasured synecdoche of my childhood in the same way that this morning's's back of life's landscape. Today this little part...this song...most definitely represents my Mom, and it just happens to do so beautifully.

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