Thursday, April 4, 2013

Interestingly Blessed

This has been a rather rough week of rentry into the real world here at Casa Wags.  We have bouts of sickness and spells of sadness to thank for that.  Truth be told when I came home from work yesterday, I had this overwhelming desire to put on my best loved comfies: my warm USA sweatshirt and soft flannel lounge pants that once were my Mom's.  Then I wanted to curl up in bed behind my room darkening shades with a cat on either side and my stack of books before me.  I resisted this pervasive, recluse urge to check out and instead readied a couple appetizers and uncorked a couple bottles.  I poured myself a glass of white and iced a Diet Coke.  It's an interesting, contradictory cocktail combo I know.  Coach turned on some music.  I could smell my asparagus tart cooking to flaky perfection and I started to feel my excitement for the evening building.

Once my girls started arriving, I was genuinely happy that I didn't give in to tired temptation.  The point of our mid week gathering was not lost on me either.  We were attending a lecture series featuring author
Jessica Hagy  and her insight on becoming more interesting.  There is nothing quite as dull as loungewear or solitary confinement.  Few can or will argue that there is a limit on one's captivating capacity.  No matter who you are or what you do, you can always be more provacative.
As the sun was slowly setting over the sculpture garden, the five of us made our way to the charming farmhouse and took front row seats.  (They were the only seats left.)  The quaint crowd was mostly women and somewhat familiar.  Jessica was young and quick witted and authentic.  The pithy messages she conveyed are timeless and universal.  It's not rocket science, but sometimes we need a reminder or two or ten (she offers 10 simple steps) to plug in to life and tune in to relationships instead of turning on the computer or the t.v. 
I thought my dear friend Mary summed it up quite beautifully in her email this morning.  She said:
I feared it could be miserable (lots of personal info, chest pounding... stale jokes), she seemed to be saying -to me, anyway,"You're ONLY as interesting as you think/believe you are"................SHOW IT.....BE IT......ACT IT!!

SO OFTEN peo. ask, "What do you do, where did you travel last, what's your typical day like?" And then.....I feel so ON THE SPOT!

That doesn't REALLY matter as long as we are involved with healthy, enjoyable, fruitful

family/friend/social 'relationships'.................... AND we just BELIEVE in them and in

Is it any wonder why I cherish these girls?  They are the real deal.  And they are all incredibly interesting.  I am beyond blessed to share life with them.