Monday, April 8, 2013

2 day pass


the weekend was good and full.
and full of good too.
so much so that i am jealous of my cats who can spend all of this rainy monday in bed.
in my bed that is.
i had a fun night with coach friday.
we enjoyed our date even if willy did use our concert as a practice session for the new record he was to begin recording the next day.
sadly that meant that we did not get to hear many of our old favorites.
4 songs of like 20 is not many enough at all.

saturday i went bumming with my bit through some of our favorite neighborhoods to some of our go to shops.
we went in search of all the best ingredients for our pizza party planned that night since i didn't feel compelled to cook or bake.
that meant a stop at the cupcake store that sells the cutest cupcake bites.
we were so pleased and puffed up with regard to our eclectic selection that we didn't even mind the super sized price tag.
i think maybe i celebrated my perfect parallel park a little too heartily because then i almost ran a stop sign and all 24 of our $28 cupcake cuties were on the floor.
but i haven't parallel parked since i was a teenager and i like did it on the first try.
we made a second stop at our most beloved italian market.
we loaded our cart with fried ravioli, artichoke fritters, crusty bread, homemade sauce and good parmesan.
maybe a bottle of sangiovese too.
at whole paycheck we ordered pizzas to go and then the store literally lived up to the snarky moniker my friend cleverly gave it many moons ago.
i had my second heart attack of the day when the checker manhandled my pizzas to the point of total topping disarray and then tried to charge us $407.90 for 6 mini canoli cupcakes.
i may have called him dude...and more than once.
the cupcakes ended up being free, which was good because they were bad and dry.
we had much fun catching up with our friends who joined us for the evening...
old friends we share much history with and many memories.
we reminisced at moments about fat tony and a suitcase full of miller lite and curses doled out on mexican beaches.
after dinner, we gathered to play a little wits and wagers and to enjoy a cupcake tasting, of course.

we all decided a lazy sunday was in order so we slept until our internal alarms sounded.
that was restorative and divine.
as was the 4 miler coach and i took in the midst of the sunny afternoon.
miss bit went for a bike ride and jumped on the tramp.
t. bone went to hang out with a friend.
my brother and sil stopped by late afternoon.
we sat in the living room while the late day sun streamed through the front windows and we could feel the seasonal shift...the weekend shift too.
we ended the 2 day pass by firing up the grill for the first time this season.
rib eyes, homemade onion rings and green beans were on the menu.
oh and leftover cupcakes.
after that it was pretty much food and fun coma for this family.

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Lady Cordelia said...

You sound like you are really enjoying life. So happy for you!