Friday, April 5, 2013

Grateful Friday

My first ever signed book and the many little nuggets that I am discovering every time I open it.   The inside of the echo chamber is where all the boring people hang out.  I love that.  Be childlike not childish.  I want that.  Your gadgets are tethering you to a world you already know very well.  I need that.  I need to hear that.

Black jelly beans.

A healthy house.  And these two for hunkering down with whomever needed the comfort while convalescing.

Parties.  Three this week.  Easter brunch with family, gloaming happy hour with fristers and pizza/game night with family friends.  I dare say that the Reluctant Entertainer is rubbing off on me.

Singing the Alleluia Chorus (or trying to) from Handel's Messiah at the end of Easter Sunday mass.

Tickets to see Willy Porter tonight.  I'm really starting to get excited for a night out with just Coach (and Willy, of course).

Aunt Jess for kid sitting.

No cricket escapees despite Peanut's frequent attempts to free them.


Lent is over and this committed young lady gave up gum for every one of the 40 days.  Of course, she chewed a piece first thing Sunday morn and has quite a stash in her bedside table.  T. Bone also gave up gum and was just as successful.

Homemade pasta.  This is bucatini.  It was a little fussy for first timers, and we hurried the process, but it was tasty so we will try try again.

Family date night to celebrate stellar second trimester report cards.  At the local hibachi, which is a family favorite.

Both kids have been more willing to try new things and more apt to like the things they try.  Miss Bit tried shrimp again and she really liked it!!! 

Easter favorites.  My quiche.

Ina's coconut cupcakes.

Martha's asparagus tart.  Just as easy as it is tasty and beautiful.

Pretty spring tablescapes.  And breaking out the good china even if it means hand washing all the dishes.

This recent candid may be a little blurry, but my love for these two is very clear. 

Shore views.

Sand surfing.

Log riding.

Rock climbing.

Having one another's backs.

I picked up Charles Frasier's Nightwoods this week.  I jotted down this line even before my Uncle's passing yesterday.  The place spoke of time.  How you're here and  then you're gone, and all you leave for a little while afterward are a few artifacts that outlive you.  He still lived in his childhood home.  There are many memories, relics and remnants there.  It's sort of haunting and daunting.  The thing is that I have mementos (Mom's sparkly earrings, Grandpa's rolling pin, Grandma Doe's mountainscape paintings) from loved ones passed that remind me of them when I see them or use them or wear them so  I'm grateful for these artifacts and the connections and comfort they bring.