Sunday, April 28, 2013

2 day pass

the past couple days were sunny and springy in both weather and mood.
inside and out.
the furnace was turned off, and windows and patio doors were left open.
we spent most of our days and eves in the fresh air.
i am ever so slightly sunburned and completely ok with that.

saturday marked the official start of the mets 2013 season.
the team lost their opener, but came back on sunday to earn a win.
t. bone made me most proud on the mound during the first game when he worked through his frustration, and started throwing strikes again instead of balls.
he stayed at it almost as cool as a cucumber and that was a personal victory.
all the players played hard.
oh how i have missed these 6 inning afternoons.
when they weren't playing ball, it seemed they were practicing.
so it was just me and my girl when she wasn't off with friends.
miss bit and i went for a bike ride one night and a 3 hour hike one day.

she was eager to check out the frog situation at mystery pond, but after she got her hands on a little box turtle, we had to investigate every single pond, swamp and puddle on the premise.
we've had arc-sized rains people so standing water is in no short supply.
yet she's rather passionate about this place and its critters so i indulged her desires.
i tried real hard to keep it mum that she only caught the turtle because he was feet up and a little stuck in the mud.
she was ever convinced that we would go from water source to water source catching turtle after turtle.
while that wasn't the case, we did hap upon our first ever large snapping turtle sunning near the shore of the remote bird blind pond.
i thought he was mossy driftwood, but miss bit immediately identified the creature and warned me to keep my distance.
i felt like i was spending the day with survivorman...or rather survivorwoman.
other than that we came across a single tadpole, many ducks, a silly wood pecker, some geese, thelma and louise the center's pet hooded rats, miss bit's teacher and some friends.
she can hardly wait until she gets to spend days here for summer camp.
after getting sufficiently muddy and sun kissed, miss bit came home to cruise around the bario on first her scooter and then her bike.
all good, almost clean fun.
yesterday we hosted an impromptu bbq with my brother and sil..
the first grilled bugers of the season were perfectly done and even the sweet corn was tasty.
t. bone called 911 when we realized we came home with plain chocolate custard instead of the flavor of the day we wanted.
my son took me seriously when i said call kopps, which happens to be the name of the establishment.
we stood in a line that snaked practically around the parking lot for that salted caramel custard so we were not amused.
the officer that showed up at our door was not amused either.
i think that was a once in a childhood prank.
coach and i stopped at the italian market while the kids were in sunday school this morning.
we stocked up on some meatballs, sauce and such.
he had an italian sausage sandwich topped with italian beef and giardiniera for breakfast.
believe it or not, it was a good choice, even if it didn't go well with my coffee
the spaghetti and meatballs were served for tonight's dinner since we were cheering on our team until 7:00.
now t. bone is crashed in bed with the light on, miss bit is out cold in her bed and coach is comatose on the couch.
i'd say that's a sure sign of contentment.
if only weekends like this could be bottled up and saved.

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