Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June Inventory

Reading The Life and Death of Sophie Stark.  I picked it up from the library last night and got right into it.  I also started The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry last week.  So far, both seem to be well-written, entertaining reads.  Lily and I are still working on The Mockingjay proving that as bedtimes get later, before bed reading isn't happening.  Last week I read Still Alice and I loved it.  I felt that the way it was written so subtly conveyed what she was going through.  As readers we were given glimpses into Alice's decline and it was haunting.  It could have been a longer, more detailed story, but I appreciated the careful editing of just enough information to invest in these characters.

Wondering how we are already into the third week of summer vacation and a day away from July.

Noticing that time has a way of revealing to us what truly matters.

Watching or trying to watch the third season of Orange is the New Black, but there hasn't been much time for television these days or nights.  Soon the last season of Homeland will be available on dvd and I'm anxious for that too.  Also the baby red squirrels who are oblivious to the cats as they play chase all over the yard.

Listening to Stevie Wonder.  Also Motown.  I made Jess a cd of the music from the musical we'll be seeing next weekend for her birthday.  Rickie Lee Jones' new album which Coach burned for me in advance of her upcoming show.

Eating lots of leftovers when we have them.  Or sandwiches.  And late.  Too late.

Drinking the first batch of iced tea this summer.

Feeling pretty chill.  Almost like I got this even though this is different every single day.

Wanting the kitchen fairy to appear to tell me exactly what to do with our remodel.  We're thinking of looking at a house a couple blocks away that has been completely remodeled.  I like the kitchen and Coach likes the pool.  Clearly, we're confused.

Wearing my hair in a messy bun every day and thinking that maybe I need to chop off a few inches.  Flip flops and only flip flops.

Hoping that we are granted a glorious day Saturday because we'll have a yard full of family and friends for a graduation/4th of July fiesta.

Thinking my cats are trans species.  Seriously they behave more like dogs.

Enjoying that my kids are preparing meals and cooking more for themselves these days.  Of course, the breakfast smoothie Lily made yesterday contained raspberries plucked from our neighbor's bushes unbeknownst to her (she wouldn't have minded) and vanilla custard instead of kefir or almond milk, but she made it.  Teddy made a pepperoni panini for lunch after golf yesterday because there was no other lunch meat. He said it was tasty.  Of course, he forgot to clean the press, but he fed himself so yea.

Loving sleeping until I wake up, having all the windows open, a new to me Stevie Wonder ballad he sang the other night called Send One Your Love, pesto, party planning, and these words: It is not joy that makes us grateful, but gratitude that makes us joyful.