Thursday, June 11, 2015

To My Grad:


Today is your last day of middle school.  You are on the very heel of an ending and the cusp of a beginning. A happy ending and a big beginning.  Middle school has been memorable.  You have made it so.  You've worked hard and played hard the past 4 years, and I am proud of you more so for your growth in character than your grades earned, but I'm proud of those too. Very proud!  I know you are too.

Tonight we will attend your graduation ceremony with smiles on our faces, excitement and a tear or two in our eyes, and maybe a trace of nostalgia in our hearts.  The years really are minutes.  The days are nothing but moments.  That's why I'm glad we'll all gather in the sweaty gym tonight to mark this rite of passage.  It's a big deal to end a chapter in the book of your life.  And while I know the story isn't over, this short but determining part is.

I have no doubt that the next 4 years will be even more formative and instrumental in shaping what you decide to do with your life as you continue to learn, grow and mature, but who you are is already deeply entrenched and clearly evident. You are an honest and moral young man who cares about doing the right thing.  You are a hardworking learner who values knowledge and experience.  You are a dedicated athlete, and a team leader.  You are a faithful Christian who believes in a higher power.  You are a loyal friend, a loving son and a mostly patient big brother.  You are family oriented and a much loved grandson, nephew and cousin.  These character traits aren't going to are who you are.

Who you are is different from what you will do.  Yet who you are will inspire what you do.  I have faith that the strong spirited, beautiful person you are today will continue to inspire you to be better only than the person you were the day before. Keep growing, reaching far and wide and deep, experiencing with open eyes and heart, dreaming big and evolving always.  That is the best gift you can not only give yourself, but also others because the world needs passionate people with kind hearts and fierce determination.

Your roots are established Teddy.  Now it's time to spread your very own wings.

I love you and am beaming with pride,