Thursday, June 25, 2015

Just Call Me Bono

I feel like a rock star.  This week I'm slaying summer.  It's seems impossible to believe that last week I was looking at the 12 weeks in my purview with equal parts anxiety and dread.  Voila!  Here I am this week the Polyanna of the warmer months.  This week I'm all bring it on, yes, you bet, sure, why not, who cares.  It is the very definition of flip of the switch, and yes I'm considering the benefits of medication for my manic moods.

The past couple days, I have been on my game.  I've been getting up before the kids so I can have the peaceful entry into the new day I so need, a strong cuppa and also maybe 10 or 20 minutes on my computer without anyone peering over my shoulder awaiting his or her turn.  What's mine is their's so why fight it.

I made a batch of homemade blueberry muffins for breakfast this morning.  I didn't pick the berries myself, but I should have.  Let me add that to the summer bucket list.  I served them warm and let them eat as many as they wanted reminding myself that when the kids sleep until 11:00, they wake up extra hungry.

When they queried after lunch at 1:00, I was so happy to serve her a plate of pesto pasta and him eggs and toast.  It makes me feel good to know that if I ever lose my job, I can probably find one as a short order cook.  I really should thank my kids for the ongoing professional development.  Plus cleaning the kitchen 6 times a day keeps me out of trouble too!

When his friend in Ireland had to sign off Mine Craft to go to bed and he clearly had nothing to do, I was so happy to suggest he text a friend in real life to golf with, hand him the $20 fee, and wait by the phone for his call to be picked up.  I didn't mind it one bit when I got there and had to wait 10 minutes while they finished their putting challenge because I am at their beck and call.  I'm pretty sure I could get a job driving for Uber if I ever lose the one I have too.  Thanks kids for the chauffeur experience as well! I owe you!

I love arts and crafts projects so when Lily asked to do one, it was my pleasure to gather, set up and then clean up all the supplies when she was done creating.  She had the urge to jump on the trampoline and I aim to please.  You know those creatives...they are charmingly impulsive.

I've said yes to every Popsicle request, haven't harped on their aversion to reading, and I've acted like I didn't even see their unmade beds, baskets of folded laundry waiting to be put away or wilting flowers they promised to water. I've pried my eyes open with toothpicks to read to her when it's way past my bedtime because I was up 5 hours before her, and woken at 3:00 every morning to take out his headphones and turn out his light even though then I am wide awake for the dawn avian chorus.  I love books and birds so who am I to complain.

This morning I got up early before work to bake them cinnamon buns, make sure baseball uniforms were clean and pressed and set the day's itinerary.  When I left the note for Sam, I felt a more giddy than guilty that today he gets to be Jim Morrison or Axl Rose.  My set is over.