Wednesday, June 24, 2015

two day pass

1.  Celebrating most of the men in my life on Father's Day.  I am a lucky sister, daughter, mother and wife (from left to right).  Not present is my amazing father-in-law!

2.  A baseball tournament.  Ted battled as pitcher.  Two wins on Saturday and an almost win...a should have won on Sunday.  The sweet part was that the loss meant we could spontaneously enjoy the rest of the picture perfect day at my Dad's with family and wings.

3.  Lily is the best fan in the stands.  The team was ahead almost the whole game and then down in the 6th inning by one run.  She told Coach to have a huddle and give the boys a pep talk.  He did.

4.  My two smiling despite the loss.

5.  Peanut has perfected chilling.

6.  Lily got a job.  She is absolutely over the moon to be a canine supervisor.  Maddie and Louis seem pleased as well.

7.  Fresh produce is one of the things I love most about summer.  Crispy shallots and green beans is a meal unto itself.

8.  Watermelon is one of the things she loves most.  She ate almost a quarter of one.

9.  Yes, that's my 15 year old son driving a Porsche.  Oh, brother!

10. Driving home Sunday at 9 o'clock on the longest day of the year.  Still twilight.  Magic.

11. Boys will be boys.  Father's Day entertainment was a little shooting competition in my Dad's woods.  Nothing alive though.