Monday, June 8, 2015

two day pass

the weekend was one of the best in awhile.
that's because we had few obligations, aka an abundance of free time.
free time we quickly filled with pursuits and activities (or inactivities) pleasing in the moment.
it went something like this...
read my girly novel, nap with peanut, read some more, rouse for a family bike ride on a beautiful, breezy friday eve, make a new salmon recipe for dinner with coach, to softball practice early saturday, write while they sweat, make a starbucks stop with the girls, cheer teddy's tigers on to victory, garden the afternoon away, weed, plant, water, home run derby at the fields which teddy wins, happy hour while the dough rises, family pizza night at home, up early with the birds sunday, read a few joan didion essays, do a couple loads of laundry, make a couple sauces with leftover fresh herbs, log some miles while the rest of the family rides the nearby trails, make blts for lunch with tomatoes that taste like summer served with a side of the sweetest watermelon ever, nap with tigger in the breeze that feels like summer, read, take lily shopping, see ted off for a sunday evening scrimmage, play an hour long game of uno with coach and lily while the rain comes down in sheets, gather for a steak and potato sunday dinner, read with lily until lights out ready for the onset of the last week of school and more long, lingering days of summer.