Thursday, June 18, 2015

All in a Week

We are enjoying the first week of summer vacation. The past stretch of days has been very full and festive, and a bit taxing too if I am to be completely frank.  Taxing in the sense of being rigorous not challenging. There has been much goodness - just all at once.

Last Thursday morning's obligatory last day of 5th and 8th grade photo marked both an ending and a beginning.  I can just see how happy they are, and how ready they are to move forward first into summer and then 6th and 9th grades.  I'll be ready come August (if not before).

 I picked him up after graduation practice Thursday noon.  He said Noodles.  I said Solly's, but we both had a lunch date on the brain. We agreed on burgers and malts.  That one on one time was special to me, and also the only time all day or night that I found myself a tad verklempt as I kept feeling the truth that years are mere minutes.  Blink and you miss them. I reminisced about my own graduation from middle school and that naturally brought me to my Mom.  It seemed so unfair that she wouldn't be sitting in the gym beside me for him.  I told him how proud she would be of him as I willed the tears welling up not to well over.  Later I gave him an angel charm to carry in his pocket so she was with him, us, after all.  

The real kick off was T. Bone's graduation from 8th grade that night.  The ceremony was thoughtful and celebratory...exactly what I expected and nothing like I thought it would be.  We were rushed as is usually the case when milestone occasions loom.  Yada yada best laid plans.  That bow tie was a bugger, but Coach muddled through it with a little help from trusty YouTube.  My only advice is to practice prior to 5 minutes before you need to be in the car, or else opt for a pre-tied.  That being said, his first time wasn't a charm, but Ted looked J. Crew handsome, and also very happy.  There was no time for the family photos I planned to curate, but I managed a couple and decided to simply be in the moments rather than trying to capture them. Most of the pictures were a bit of a blur, and at the end of it all that seems like an apt metaphor.

The principal surprised us all by keeping his speech short.  After letting it be known that BSM would always be there for the graduates - to go far, but come back - he sang Phillip Phillip's Home, and he did so quite well too.  It was a memorable gesture and a touching message.  All of the speeches given by students, teachers and administrators were inspiring and the mood upbeat as it should have been.

Teddy felt loved to have all his grandparents and his godfather and aunt in the audience. The family came back to Casa Wags for cocktails and cake while the graduates stayed  for a dance. They were pumped up and all they wanted to do was celebrate together so it was a great end to a great day.  A great week really!  There have been backyard bbqs, bonfires on the beach and a class breakfast.

When T. Bone came home from the dance, we gave him his new irons.  He was excited for the gift.  I think it was the perfect ending for a pretty spectacular day.  I'm glad we tabled the lap top idea because the clubs are more Ted.

Friday the boys went to Great America with friends.  It's an annual father/son trip and a fun tradition.  Lily and I went out for dinner just the two of us and then we met up with the guys at our friend's house.

Saturday we had another exciting day planned at Miller Park.

We were there to cheer on the Brewers, but also to celebrate my in-laws and their 50th wedding anniversary.  That is something special!

Then and now!

The whole family gathered in a fancy suite for the game and then an OAR concert after.  What a fun experience we will always remember!  I had to chuckle because the kids all thought the concert was too loud.  Kids these days!

The party continued at their house late into the night.  The kids went from the pool to the hot tub in the rain and even made soggy smores before coming in to croon and jam with their uncle.  I may have crooned a little myself.

T. Bone was tuckered out.  He crashed in the car on the way home. This never happens so I had to take a picture.

  Peanut was pleased I spent much of the cloudy Sunday prone with a book in hand.  I was grateful to able to:  the kids both had more parties to attend that went into the night. 

Coach and I had a little date in the family room for the release of OITNB while the kids were out partying.  It was, after all, a school night for us, and I must confess that we fell asleep before getting through a single episode.