Monday, June 29, 2015

two day pass

i'm not sure what we did to deserve this sublime stretch of days.
we enjoyed everything about this weekend.
friday we all went our separate ways:
coach to summerfest with friends, ted to help his grandpa on a paving project, lily to a softball party, and i took jess to dinner for her birthday.
we enjoyed the beautiful night and cafe centro.
especially the prosciutto grilled asparagus on top of baby greens dressed in a lemon vinaigrette.
we stopped for two night caps on the way home because we I was trying to find my friend a hot and worthy man.
to be con't.

saturday i went to fetch t. bone for his final regular season little league game.
cue the kleenex.
pictured below is his last time on the mound.
that was a #s-t-r-i-k-e!

his fans showed up and so did the tigers...
they played to win.

i expected to be a little more nostalgic, but the boys were so upbeat after they won the battle
that the happiness was infectious.
i didn't even get teary.
for that teddy owes me.

he bid adieu to these fields he's been playing on since he was just a little shaver.
this has been his second home.

lily planned to go home with grandma and grandpa to swim and hot tub.
teddy went to a friend's to celebrate their #1 season.
coach and i went back to summerfest with my brother and sister-in-law for a little stevie wonder.

actually, there's nothing little about stevie wonder.
he has a larger than life personality and his voice is limitless.
his energy is palpable especially when your brother and sil score tickets 6 rows from stevie.
the first time i saw him perform 7 years ago i thought it would also be my last.
i decided it would be my last.
maybe i even took a vow.
it was the last concert i attended with my mom, and while it was a beautiful, joyful night, those kind of nights were running out for us.
i just didn't know that i could sit in the audience and hold it together while he sang you are the sunshine of my life ever again.
that's always been my mom's song.
but time heals, and i felt like being there again might smooth some bumps and fill a few cracks.
and i was right.
he saved that song for his encore and as hard as it was to hear it without her,
it would have been worse not to hear it at all.
ala better to have loved and lost than not to have loved at all.
it was another beautiful night and i felt that my mom was pleased that her children were carrying on a tradition that started in the 70's in her orange honda civic: singing along with stevie.
it was also amazing to get to experience this with my husband.
i'm pretty sure he's an even bigger stevie fan now.
you can not be in his audience and not be changed for better and forever.
i'm still smiling.
feeling the chi.