Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Summer is Happy Everything

1. Happy 8th grade graduation and Happy Birthday America!  To most the holiday weekend says bbq, but we washed down our taco bar with margaritas and cervezas.  Fiesta!

2. Our guacamole girl.  She makes the best!

3. Our boys on chippie patrol.  This is where and how you'll find them unless they're sleeping which is less and less as the critter traffic amps up.

4. Lily and E. after a day of canoeing at Audubon camp.

5.  At the ready at short.

6. Getting ready for the 4th of July. I love that she tries on all the gimmicky wear and smiles while I snap away.

7. Pancakes 101 with Gramps.  His secrets are more sugar, a super hot griddle and patience.

8. Peanut's "Please let me outside right this very second" face.  Btw...it almost always works.

9. Besties on the bench.

10. Extra cane sugary party drinks for the children.  They were all gone.  The beer; however, was not!

11. Red, white and blue bouquets.  Somehow it all worked.

12. Tres leches for dessert.  It's a crowd pleaser and I was pleased as baker since my interim oven is unreliable at best. Thankfully, it cooperated Saturday.

13. Boys chilling after the parade and before the party.

14. Family...

15. and friends who may as well be family because they're stuck with us.

16. The "little boys" playing a serious game of croquet.

17. The "little girls" eating watermelon.

18. The "big boys" playing a serious game of cribbage.

19. The "big girls" chatting and catching up.

20. Of course, there was and will always be a little baseball, bocce and ghost in the graveyard too.

21. The explosives.

22. The sparklers were the first to be lit.

23. And then Brad lit up the sky with a firework show that rivaled two nearby country clubs and two parks.  Jesus, Mary and Joseph!

24. Crack!

25.  Boom! Amen!  No one was hurt and the only casualty of the day/night was a crock pot full of the most delish spicy pork so once again we are just happy.