Friday, July 10, 2015

Grateful Friday

Today I give thanks for...

Being off the grid.

Getting back on the grid.

This entry on RLJ's blog.  She absolutely nails what it's like to be in the audience while she performs.  It is a little bit holy, and the energy is electric and emotional.  Reading this today has me even more excited to be a part of it all again next week.

Tickets to take Lily to the Royal Horses tonight.  She doesn't know.  It's a surprise and I think it's going to be a night she will remember maybe...forever.

Surprises.  I'm horrible at keeping them under wraps because when I'm so excited about one, I want the recipient to be too.  My Mom was like that.  It's why she could never Christmas shop before the month of December.  

Tomorrow I have a date with Jess.  We're going to Motown and then out on the town.

T. Bone's first tournament game is Sunday and the Knights get to play on their home field.  I have good ju ju with regard to their chances this year to advance.

Lily made the All Star team and she plays this weekend too.

I finished The Life and Death of Sophie Stark, and I loved the quirky little novel especially the characters.  The protagonist is one of literature's best emotional vampires. 

Pictures of pictures.

A trip to the bank with the kids this week to deposit some of their earnings.  Next step is making some investments.  Coach put together a spread sheet for each of them to track their earnings too.

Juicy, farm-fresh peaches from my aunt and the crisp they are about to become.

Audubon camp.  Lily is in her element there among the critters of the woods and ponds. This year she enjoyed it even more because she shared her time there with her favorite friend.

Next up is 2 weeks of theater camp.

Today is Sam's last day.  He and Ted are on their annual golf outing.

Next up for Ted is more golf and baseball.

Another beautiful weekend.