Friday, July 17, 2015

Grateful Friday

Today I give thanks for...

1.  Summer is in full swing.  We've been taking it one day at a time, and trying to savor every sunny moment.  So far so good, and we're also managing to take care of some of the shoulds like teaching our resident teenager how to cook.  He's mastered pancakes.

2. She mostly enjoyed her first week at theater camp even though the 9-4 schedule is reminiscent of school.  She even liked her Shakespeare session and is intrigued by Romeo and Juliet.

3.  Lots and lots of baseball this week.  The Knights made it through pool play.  They play in the district semi-finals tomorrow.  The excitement over advancing and a team party following our final game mitigated any sorrow that that was really their last game on our little league fields.

4. A date out with my guy on Thursday for appetizers and drinks before going to see Rickie Lee Jones.  Even though I was exhausted from being out every night of the week, I was so looking forward to her performance.  It was perfect too.

5.  Stars who indulge their crazy stalking fans. I waited in the rain by Rickie's tour bus so I could get a selfie with her after the show.  

6.  Gladiolus.

7. Signs.  I saw a bluebird during one of my walks this week.  I feel like my mom sends them. They're impossible to photograph because they are shy and shifty.  I was able to snap this shot of a crane soaring through the sky before it landed in a tree.  It'll have to do.

8.  Nature's palette as evidenced by wildflowers.

9. Long, sunny days.