Wednesday, July 15, 2015

two day pass

it was a whirlwind of a weekend.
and it was a great couple of days too.
lil and i had a date on friday.
i took her to dinner at the jackson blue ribbon.
we shared an order of our favorite chicken wings and also fried cheese curds.
then we walked down brewer's hill to see the royal horses perform.
she was super surprised and happy, and every one of the horses was her favorite.
it was a great girl's night out.
saturday i had another date and the rest of the family spent the day swimming at grandma and grandpa's pool.
jess and i went to see motown.
it was quite a show featuring no fewer than 40 amazing motown hits.
my favorite performer was young michael.
the 9 year old actor who played him was spot on.
i only teared up once.
most of the songs remind me of my mom.
after the show jess and i enjoyed dinner at a nearby gastropub.
we called it pork a palooza since we sampled the mussels steamed with italian sausage, a pork belly and bean cassoulet and a flat bread topped with maple bacon.
after dinner we enjoyed the rest of the beautiful night beside another friend's pool sharing stories and wine.
sunday we had almost back to back baseball games and i was proud of both my pitchers.
first ted played in the district pool play and the knights won.
family came by after the game for brats and beverages.
then we all went back to the field for lily's all star game where she was the starting pitcher.
her game ended in a tie.
it was a weekend full of fun.
long on fun and short on time.