Friday, February 22, 2013

Grateful Friday

Today I give thanks for...

The boys had the slopes mostly to themselves on Monday.  T. Bone and his friend A. were the first on the lift.  Z. and J. were close behind.

While winding down on Monday night, T. Bone was telling me about his day.  He had much fun with his friends.  The four of them are great guys.  They are kind, smart, considerate, well-mannered and silly in ways that most twelve year old boys are.  I am so thankful that T. Bone has a core group of good friends who are good people.  

This conversation in my jam packed van Little Swiss bound.  The boys had just finished breakfast and were gorging on Sour Patch Kids, but they were already talking about lunch.
T. Bone: Will we eat at the sit down restaurant?
A: Yea. Of course.
T. Bone: Dudes will the waiters serve us?
A: Yea. Duh. (holding up a very large bill)
I was also thankful that they left a $10 tip on their $38 tab.

We stood around watching at the bottom of the hill for awhile.  Miss Bit expressed a strong interest in learning to ski.  

A day to spoil my girl sweet: her favorite store, her most loved lunch and a trip to the museum.  We both chose a new pair of earrings to remember the day by.  She ended up with amethysts.  I chose a howlite pair.

Finally a butterfly landed on my girl.  I knew we were not getting out of that 90 degree exhibit with 100 percent humidity until one did.  Unfortunately, the first one landed on her back.  I took this picture to show her, but she wasn't budging until one of the winged beauties landed on her hand.  

 Soon did.

Sandwiches.  Grilled  cheese and egg salad this week on whole wheat sour dough.

After a long day Saturday, I came home to new magazines in my mailbox.  I curled up with a mug of hot tea and enjoyed a little lost time.

The Academy Awards are this weekend.  We used to host a party on Oscar night.  That was many moons ago...before kids.  We won't be making any crabby snacks or homemades for Sunday night, but I am looking forward to the show.  It's the first time in a long time that I have seen many of the contenders.  This week I crossed Zero Dark Thirty off the list.  I hope to see Lincoln this weekend too.

A bunch of assorted tulips from a friend this week.

Noticing that there is more brightness in the sky when I wake up in the morning, and also that darkness is setting in later at the end of the day.  The days are definitely getting longer.

The kids are outside playing together in the snow that fell overnight.