Tuesday, February 19, 2013

2 day pass

after a long holiday weekend, today marks the official start of the new week for the kids.
it was tough to rally the troops this morning.
t. bone had an stiff, sore neck after snowboarding all day yesterday.
miss bit just had a sore heart longing for one more day together.
i am already missing her too.
with t. bone snowboarding the day away with friends, yesterday was all about her...us.
that deserves a post unto itself.
sunday we all were awed by joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat.
we saw the production at the high school.
it was a sold-out show and absolutely spectacular.
even t. bone agreed and he was not necessarily looking forward to it.
i had a perma grin for the duration of the performance and i caught coach singing outloud a couple times.
i cannot tell you how many times i've listened to the cd since the show at miss bit's request.
after the show, my brother and sil joined us for sunday dinner: an erstwhile tradition much missed.
coach made our company worthy chicken parmesan in his new cast iron skillet.
we served it with my famous garlic bread for which the secret is simply good bread and copious amounts of butter, and a salad dressed with my homemade balsamic vinaigrette. mangia!
there were clean plates all around the table and no room for dessert, which was a good thing because i didn't have time to make any.
much of coach's weekend was consumed with baseball: try outs and the draft.
he ended up with some solid picks.
i think he has a good team...a very nice team and that is reason for celebration even if they don't win the championship again, but...
but i think they might!
the kids had their share of play dates and parties and just hanging around playing games and building forts.
a fort that peanut claimed as his own for the duration of the weekend.
i am still happily in hibernation mode myself reading and viewing my days and nights away.
i did stick my nose out a couple times to pound the pavement, which was refreshing.
one walk was with coach close to home and another along the lakefront and through downtown whilst the kids were in sunday school.
as they say all  good things must come to an end.
this was the kind of weekend that i would have liked to last forever.

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