Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Girl's Day Out

Yesterday I had a date with just my girl. After we deposited T. Bone and three of his friends at the ski hill, we embarked on our own special itinerary planned by one eager Miss Bit.  My Dad is the king of the list.  When the kids come for a visit, he has them write lists of everything they want to do.  Then he does his best to make sure they cross off as many wants as humanly possible.  When they return home, he crashes for a couple days.  He's kind of a legend.

I spend a lot of time with Miss Bit these days...more than I spend with T. Bone because he is a tween with a social calendar busier than mine...but there was something special about yesterday.  Maybe it was the decadence of a whole day...the fact that it was a holiday, but only for some...or the carefully considered plans we made.  The truth is that I enjoy spending time with Miss Bit no matter what is on our agenda.

Our first stop was World  Market, one of her most favorite browsing places.  It's one of my guilty pleasures too. She scored some candy, worry dolls and colored pencils and then skipped all the way back to the car.  It is all about the little things with this girl.  Little things and sugar.  She broke open the mini sour belts as soon as we were strapped in and insisted I try one.  I am not a fan of gelatinous super sweet candy, but I knew that sharing them with me...introducing me to something new and delicious...made it all the more happy for her so I ate more than one.  I was thankful when she sealed up the bag declaring we could not ruin our appetites for lunch: our next stop.

We met Coach at a new to her restaurant we knew she would approve of.  She had her standing order: chicken tenders and fries with ranch and ketchup, and a lemonade.  The burgers were good too.    

Coach reluctantly went back to work while we headed to the public museum.  It was a little crowded given the holiday, but we navigated the exhibits like pros.  She wanted to see everything and she likes to take her time doing so.  T. Bone, on the other hand, treats a visit to the museum like a 5K so it was nice to be on the same speed.  We held hands and explored Africa, the Arctic, the Rain Forest, the Ice Age and the Living Sea.  We viewed Pirates and both learned some fascinating things one of which: that I suck at tying knots. We headed to a matinee of To The Arctic.  After the show she decided she wants her very own polar bear cubs, and I definitely want to travel to Alaska more than ever.

Our final stop was the much anticipated butterfly exhibit.  Finally, a butterfly landed on my girl.  I knew we were not getting out of that 90 degree exhibit with 100 percent humidity until one did.  Unfortunately, the first one landed on her back.  I took this picture to show her, but she wasn't budging until one of the winged beauties landed on her hand.

    Fortunately...one did. 

She was smitten and now she wants butterflies too.  Shhh, but I'd even get this girl a unicorn if that's what she really wanted.

We closed the museum and still didn't get to see everything she wanted to.  I assured her there are more museum visits in her future.  She's already planning her next choice day.

After dinner we curled up in my bed holding hands to watch The Bachelor.  Yes I watch this show and no I cannot believe I am admitting that I do.  No I don't usually, as in ever, let her watch it, but neither one of us wanted our day to end.  Anyways she closes her eyes whenever they get smoochy, and it was hometown visit night so there was very little romance this week.

At the end of the night we curled up in her bed until she fell asleep.

Yesterday it was all me and my girl.  Today it is me and my guy(s).