Sunday, February 10, 2013

2 day pass

i had a nice and quiet weekend.
one of the highlights of which was jess coming for wine and staying for pizza friday eve.
pizza from one of our favorite parlors with crust so thin and crisp.
and pies so large that there are/were leftovers to last the whole weekend.
time in the afternoon for a movie with coach was another joy moment.
silver lining playbook this time.
i loved loved loved it.
wonderfully cast and heartwarming on a gray saturday.
then i took miss bit and one of her besties ice skating while coach met up with some friends.
i ended up finishing argo beside the fire since a. needed to borrow my skates.
that ended up being fine by me as the girlies skated away for 3! yes 3 hours!
we got home just in time to greet t. bone as he was dropped off after a day of snowboarding with friends.
he came in the house, peeled off his gear and stated, i love nights like this. nights with nothing to do.
i whole heartedly shared his sentiment... we all cozied in under afghans and cats until bedtime.
sunday we arrived early for church.
that folks is a miracle.
i asked coach if we could go to our old sunday morning spot for breakfast sandwiches on ciabatta.
he was a go because he has his own standing order there: soup and a souffle.
then it was chores and chilling on a rainy day.
we i started on miss bit's valentines and i got a pot of stock asimmering on the stove.
the finale of the weekend was a delicious family dinner followed by another academy contender.
on the menu: pan seared t. bones with baby bellas, baked potatoes and caesar salads with homemade dressing and homemade croutons.
the feature film: life of pi.
now it's time to call it a night...a weekend.

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