Monday, February 4, 2013

2 day pass

with t. bone away, it was a miss bit choice weekend.
her requests: easy to fulfill.
we enjoyed a lazy saturday morning watching a movie.
she helped me in the kitchen and was the official taste tester for my new candy bar cookie recipe.
it is a fan favorite.
we visited a favorite pet store in the afternoon.
they have mostly animals i would never want as pets, but not my girl.
she is  dreaming of and scheming for a bearded dragon.
this smallness is as cute as the get too for they grow about 3 times this size.

she decided we would have dinner at the same restaurant we dined at last february when she was also an only child.
she remembered the chicken tenders and i think having mom and dad all to herself too.
sunday there was finally a trip to the ice rink much to her happy delight.
we ended the weekend with a small gathering for the big game.
the menu: wings, dogs, dips and soups for the superbowl.

this morning was a shock to all of our systems.
but the snow covered streets are forcing a slow start.

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