Friday, February 15, 2013

Grateful Friday

Today I give thanks for...

Love, chocolate and hearts.  Hugs, kisses and foot rubs too.

Handmade valentines and Pinterest for a plethora of cute, doable ideas.

T. Bone made us a valentine of his own volition.  One side was for me and the flip side was for Coach.  Very efficient and green of him.  Sweet too.

Miss Bit wrote me a one page letter this week trying to persuade me to let her get a lizard.  She's moving beyond any hope of a bearded dragon and now firmly fixated on an anole.  She was quite convincing, but still lizardless.

A date to skate after school this week.  The ice was good and temperatures fine, yet the warming house was closed.  Thankfully, the van did quite well as a makeshift warming house.

I convinced  Miss Bit to wear her cute heart printed dress on Valentine's Day with leggings and boots.  She didn't want to, but then I could tell that she thought she looked rather festive and hip.  I am not ready for dress days to come to an end.

Remembering no meat today.  I'm so glad I love tuna.

Miss Bit bounced out of bed this morning because she was a little excited that today is hibernation day for the third grade.  She brought a sleeping bag, pillow, teddy bear, stack of books and a supply of snacks for the day's experiment.  Sounds like a fun day.

Early to bed every night this week and night after night of solid sleep.

A new, soft afghan and the fact that it took this guy mere minutes to to claim it as his own.

Conversation hearts and cats who try to read them.

The kids both gave up gum for Lent.  They spent the better part of the beginning of the week chewing through their packs.

A long weekend.  No school on Monday.