Monday, February 15, 2010

Lazy Day

It's noon and I'm still lounging around the quiet house in my pjs. I love that it's snowing outside and that I can just stay inside all day long. Everything that was on today's list has aready been moved to tomorrow and that is just fine by me. I did feel a pang of guilt when I roused T. Bone and Miss Bit this morning knowing that I could go back to bed after the bus came. Could, but didn't. They didn't want to get out of their beds after a late night of Valentine revelry at my brother and sil's. Didn't, but did. The new unicorn shirt that was a valentine gift from Grandma and Grandpa did the trick. She happily rose when saw her day's outfit on her ottoman. During breakfast she was all, "I love parties! I love unicorns! I love being VIK (very important kindergartner)!"

I'd like to say that her enthusiasm was infectious, but T. Bone was not amused. Maybe things would have been different if he hadn't forgotten his new skateboarding shirt at Uncle B. and Aunt A.'s. He ate his breakfast tuning into the coverage of the Olympics while tuning out Miss Bit. He told Miss O. that he's Tivoing the Olympics. Every. Single. Event. I better check that out so we don't find ourselves missing episodes of Lost or The Bachelor or The Office.

We had a very fun and delicious Valentine's Day dinner last night. We were having so much fun that we didn't actually sit down to eat until alomost 9:00, but it was worth the wait. The steak au poivre was perfectly cooked, and the roasted potatoes and green beans most suitable sides. We were treated to a very special bottle of wine for the meal that my brother and sil brought back from Napa. It was THE perfect evening spent in the company of loved ones. Love was in the air. My Dad and his wife renewed their vows the day before, my brother and his fiance are planning their wedding for May, myself, hubby and the kids shared our Valentine's over cold pizza before church.

My brother told me that he felt like our Mom was at the wedding last weekend. She was Cousin K.'s Godmother, and they shared a close bond over the years. My brother is not religious or particularly spiritual, but he received a sign and I think it was good for him. On Sunday morning, he pulled my Mom's old luggage tag off her old luggage before taking off for the airport and then as he stepped off the elevator, he saw a single can of Miller Lite sitting on the credenza. My Mom was a Miller Lite girl. The club was not the kind of place that overlooked litter lying around. I got chills.

I cannot believe that tomorrow is Fat Tuesday. Lent starts Wednesday. February is flying by and yet I am content to sit here today and watch the world pass me by.

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