Sunday, February 14, 2010

Things That Make Me Smile With My Heart

Brothers waiting for the kids to get off the bus after school.

Tulips in winter.
Seeing the people I love smile...knowing they are happy, and knowing they feel they are loved.

This cake made in the shape of a heart...tonight's dessert.
My Linnea poster calendar.
This girl's spunky silliness and the way she will always...ALWAYS stop whatever she is doing and pose for the camera.

The roses from my Mom's 60th birthday bouquet. Reminders of her beautiful, colorful, enduring spirit.

Our fridge gallery...filled with T. Bone's and Miss Bit's artwork.

My boy bundling up to take out a bowl of carrots and greens for the hungry bunnies who live beneath the boughs of our Pines.
A snow covered yard filled with, birds, critters.
A little peace, a whole lotta love and some understanding.
The smell of eucalyptus and the sound of the ocean.
Rainy days and thunderstorms.
Random acts of kindness.
Family dinners, days, vacations.
Journals and blogs.
Ina Garten.
Love stories like Four Seasons, Cousins and Moonstruck.
February 14th!

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