Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sunday Fun Day

Last Sunday we woke up early and got on the road. The snow was flying so we were most thankful for the security of this quasi tank. The slick, narrow, winding roads almost gave me a full-blown anxiety attack, but with my hubby behind the wheel, I knew I was in good hands. It was a long, albeit beautiful drive, down from Vail and then up to Eldora where we met T. Bone and cousin Knox who were eager to get on their snowboards. The day before they strapped on their skis. I think my hubby was most excited to hit the slopes. It was so pretty that I started to regret I committed to spending the day with my cousin in the city. That being said, it was nice to spend time one on one visiting.

We met up with the boys to watch a little of the super bowl at my cousin's bar back in Denver and then all enjoyed a rare Morrocan culinary experience at Mataam Fez. So the boys went from snowboarders by day to belly dancers by night. I thought they were real sports!

T. Bone is not exactly adventurous when it comes to trying new foods. He is also what I call a food purist. He doesn't do casseroles or other combo dishes, but I dare say Knox's love for the Morrocon food inspired T. Bone to try some new and very different things. He really enjoyed the b'stella, ate a little cous cous and even tried some lamb. Later when he was waxing poetic on the experience he was quite entertained by the differences between that night's dinner and our ususal restaurant meals. He mused:
1) You take your shoes off
2) You sit on comfy pillows on the floor
3) You belly dance
4) Your napkin is a towel that you wear over your left shoulder
5) You eat with your hands
6) You get everything on the menu
7) And you don't get a bill.
(#6 and #7 were due to the fact that we were lucky to be dining with the owner.)
Monday was a long day of travel after a long weekend of fun. My cousins on both sides of the family showed us a great time and made us come to know firsthand just why they love Colorado the way that they do.

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