Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Good to be Home

Going away makes me appreciate coming home no matter how fabulous the place I'm matter the tremendous fun I'm having. The mountains of Colorado are absolutely fabulous. The Rocky's truly God's country each vista, gulch, view simply more breathtaking than the next. This trip was tremendous fun. There was an abundance of time spent celebrating with family. And yet I couldn't seem to wipe the perma-grin from my face once I knew it was time to come home...home to my best girl, my little house, my ordinary life.

We pulled into the driveway and Miss Bit ran to meet us at the door all smiles and hugs and kisses. The boys were rather groovy too. Within minutes my girl was giving us the third degree about the location of her "special surprises" we promised when we put her on the school bus Friday morning and blew our air kisses knowing we wouldn't see her for a few days. T. Bone even had a gift for his little sister. Rumor has it that when he was redeeming his 3000 tickets at Dave & Buster's, he first picked out a prize for his sister. A thoughtful one at that...a stuffed purple dolphin. He even let her hug him tight for a nano second for thinking of her.

We arrived home at dinnertime so we greatly appreciated the delicious pot of homemade chicken soup my mother-in-law dropped off. We soaked up every last drop of comfort with our pieces of garlic nan as we took turns sharing our favorite parts of our last few days. Miss Bit was quick to say "everything," and T. Bone didn't pause for a second before he blurted out "snowboarding." No...if it were up to him, he'd still be on the slopes. He has visions of being the next Shaun White. My "favorite" was just knowing that my kids had new and fun experiences with people they love and who love them.

After the reception Saturday night, my hubby and I sat around the fireplace in our room and talked about how important we think it is to give our children our time, and experiences rather than things. They create character, instill dreams and fuel memories. Things...not so much. The hottest toy last Christmas, is already collecting dust. Yes...I'm talking about a mere 40 odd days ago and already the coveted is lackluster and pale in comparison to time spent doing something, even something not particularly special. I don't remember much of what I received for Christmas as a kid, but I'll never forget packing up the car many a Saturday during the winter, bundling up and heading out to cross country ski with my Dad. I'll never forget laying on a raft beside my Mom belting out John Mayer tunes as we basked in the sun. I'll always remember the things we did because they shaped who I am today.

This trip really made me think a lot and it opened my eyes to a bit too. I spent a good part of the day yesterday processing. That's exhaustive emotional work. When the kids came home, I was wiped and ready to get back on the couch. T. Bone headed to a friend's to snowboard in the fresh falling snow with plans to stay for dinner. Miss Bit was bundled up walking aimlessly around the yard by herself mourning the busy signal at A.'s house. The last thing I wanted to do was go out in the cold with her, but the smile on her face when I did was worth the chill in my tired bones. I pulled her around the yard in her sled, we played tag and we took a swing on the set. She's still talking about it today. We came in from the cold and I made her a mug of "special" hot cocoa topped with a cloud of whipped cream and chocolate sauce. Sure it was right before dinner, but it sure didn't ruin her appetite. She ordered up tacos and ate two before I finished one. She would have had three if I let her, and was already trying to figure out when leftover night is (Thursday). We made valentines, read books and painted nails before bed.

I slept like a rock lastnight. It was that solid, dreamless sleep where you almost feel drugged. Both the kids were up before me this morning. T. Bone because he was sure today was a "snow day" and Miss Bit because today is her 100 day of school celebration. I have more laundry to do, a stack of mail to make my way through, pictures to upload and edit, valentine goodies to make and two P90X workouts to get through today. Life may be ordinary, but life is good.

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