Saturday, May 31, 2014

Ode to Saturday

Up just after the sun with the boys.
There is a flurry of activity as they seek and find uniform parts.
The red ones today.
Like a dervish they whirl out the door and the house is a refuge again.
I enjoy the quiet peace along with a cup of coffee.
These first moments when the day ahead is fresh with potential are my holiest of each morning.
I just sit and listen to the birds sing some with content and some with frenzy.
The blue jays and morning doves stand out amongst the calling chorus.
Then a garbage truck hisses forward and beeps backward on a rare Saturday pick up.
Like it or not it is a reminder that my day must begin as well.
I rouse a still sleepy girl who resists until she remembers that she has soft ball practice.
And that soft ball is now the game she most loves to play.
I decide I will resist the urge to get busy.
Instead I will stay at practice with my book and another cup of coffee.
As soon as I am situated in the shade of a tree with a view of the team, I am sure I made the right choice.
I almost finish my book.
Miss Bit hits every single ball when she is up for batting practice.
Coach Mario who is the coach of the 6th-8th graders and a helper this morning, deems her a natural.
He tells her he wants her on the Wild Cats next year.
She tells him she'll only be in 5th grade.
He says, "Don't worry'll be ready.  Heck you're ready now!"
On the way home, she is beaming because she really likes the name Wild Cats.
We get a call that the boys won their first game.
It's the first victory for this team and it is welcome.
Miss Bit showers and packs for a sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa's.
Before she gets in Grandma's car, she gives me an extra hug, kiss and I love you.
I head to the basement to spend some time with my elliptical, some free weights and the RHONY.
Those mean girls help me to dig deep.
There are things like weeds and laundry that are beckoning, but I am ignoring them.
Instead I pay attention to my new cookbook.
It's All Good has filled me with some fresh inspiration.
I make a chimichurri sauce and a new salsa.
I am on a serious salsa kick.
Sauces and salad dressings too.
They are so simple, and they elevate everyday ingredients.
I marinate a pork tenderloin for tomorrow's dinner and make muffins for tomorrow's breakfast.
The boys will be on the road even earlier tomorrow and glazed donut muffins travel well.
The boys come home after a loss.
They are hungry and tired.
All T. Bone wants is a shower and a pizza all to himself.
Coach and I order Chinese and unwind on the patio.
It is a perfect night.
We eat our veggie egg rolls and put the Hunan and Kung Pao in the fridge too tired to be hungry any more.
Miss Bit calls to say goodnight.
And it was...
A good day and a good night.