Monday, May 5, 2014

2 day pass

if there were only one word for the weekend it would be b-a-s-e-b-a-l-l.
friday, saturday and, sunday too.
t. bone went from our home field friday evening to a ballpark in rockford the next morning.
we rolled into town early saturday tired and cold and a little excited.
this was his first tournament with his new all star team.
a new team that thanks to our delayed spring has never even been on a field together.
keeping that in mind, i really thought the players had many reasons to be proud.
i know i was.
they never gave up, and they made the other more seasoned teams work for their wins.
and what i love about 13 year old boys is that they are still boys.
they can be serious ballplayers when on the field and then total goofballs at game's end.
as soon as we left the ballpark, they were all silliness and smiles.
they took over the pool, and the parents took over the lobby.
they were bonding, and we were getting to know our summer traveling companions/fellow stand mates.
it was a really fun, chill night for all ages.
miss bit even made friends with some girls in town for a soccer tournament.
all day she had watched and cheered in between trips to the playground and concession stand.
we sat together in the shade and read in between games.
she was attracted to the cover of eleanor and park tempting her from my nightstand.
i agreed to read it to her so i can edit it for her almost 10 year old ears and beyond tender heart.
of course, she is absolutely in love with this love story.
we rolled out of rockford without a win, or a visit to the japanese gardens or the nicholas conservancy as planned, but i assured miss bit that we'll be back and t. bone knows the only direction from here is up.
and i must confess that it was nice to get home with time to prepare for the week ahead and cook a proper meal.
we were all wind burned and wiped out, but it was an all star weekend.