Sunday, May 18, 2014

2 day pass

this weekend went by at warp speed -
it was a real good couple days.
the boys were away for a baseball tournament all saturday and part of sunday.
miss bit and i stayed behind so she could attend softball practice.
we declared it a girls day and night.
the two of us went out for an early dinner -
at a restaurant with a waiter, which delighted miss bit who thought we were noodles bound.
after our lovely time, grandma joined us for a play.
we saw west side story, which was being performed on the stage of my alma mater.
i haven't been back since i graduated -
decades ago in the same auditorium, crossing the same stage.
that stirred up more emotions in me than i expected.
walking up the stairs to the theater i saw myself in my beanie and red graduation gown surrounded by family and friends.
it was the same kind of beautiful night that june oh so many years ago.
the performance was everything i hoped for.
the talented young cast succeeded in making us question whether or not we were in the audience of a high school theatre.
grandma j. smiled all through the show remembering when she first saw it with her mom when she was miss bit's age.
after the finale and bows and applause, the seniors in the cast came forward.
one by one they kneeled to kiss the stage.
some of them were crying as they said their almost final farewells.
i was a puddle, of course, feeling all of their emotions and many of my own dormant for so long.
again those memories came flooding in, up and over.
from my seat in the balcony, i could see exactly where i sat during our senior assembly.
we weren't listening to i feel pretty or somewhere, but rather rem's superman as a slide show of the last four! years captured it all.
i am i am i am superman and i can do anything.
we were the 80's version of a flash mob, and the air was electric with celebration of what was and anticipation of what would be -
miss bit brought me back real time when she leaned in to ask me if i was crying.
she knows me so well.
and then i got ahead of myself imagining her as a graduate in a short decade's time.
i had a glimpse of the the happy sad way it will feel to witness her walk across the stage.
thankfully the parking ticket waiting on my windshield broke my mood of melancholy.
grandma suggested we stop for dessert and it seemed like a perfect idea lest we turn in before the end of the perfect night.
and it was...perfect.
the boys left so early sunday, i didn't even hear them stir.
after a loss, they were home before lunch to enjoy the rest of the beautiful spring day.
i opened all the windows to air out the house, and coach and i got to some deep spring cleaning inside and out.
the yard was soon filled with friends.
just when everyone went home, my brother and sil stopped by after golf.
we poured some cold cocktails and a bowl of the tomatillo salsa i made earlier in the day, and chilled.
coach grilled the first brats of the season.
they were perfect....just like the weekend.
he's at a football meeting now (already!) and the kids are showering or finishing homework -
and i'm already looking ahead to the next weekend...
memorial day!